This Week in devot:ee #22 - June 14, 2012

June 14, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

This week: seven new add-ons.

This past week we've been slammed with client work, so there hasn't been a ton of work on devot:ee. We're currently trying to fill two positions here so that we can ensure we have enough resources to work on devot:ee every single day. That said, developers have been busy with new add-ons (including us, who built Link Vault Zipper for a couple client projects, and we released it today as a free companion extension to Link Vault).

This Week in Add-ons

  • Link Vault Zipper (for EE2) by Masuga Design
    The Link Vault Zipper extension is a companion add-on to the Link Vault module. It allows you to zip multiple files on the fly for a user to download using Link Vault's regular template tags. The zipped files are tracked individually in the download log as if the user downloaded multiple files separately.
  • Registration Emails (for EE2) by koivi
    This extension sends notification and welcome messages when a new user is registered.
  • Jewish Calendar Conversion (for EE2) by Boots Highland
    The Jewish Calendar Conversion plugin takes a Gregorian/Civil Calendar date and returns the corresponding Jewish/Hebrew Calendar date.
  • Google Latlng Lookup (for EE2) by No Two The Same
    Geocode look up of Latitude and Longitude using Googles Geocode service for the CP. The fieldtype has 3 fields: one is editable for the address and the other two show the returned co-ordinates. All three fields or the combined co-ordinate is available. There's also a little map preview of the returned co-ordinates so the user can check if Google has found the right place!
  • VL Category Groups ($, for EE2) by Viget Labs
    The VL Category Groups plugin allows you to retrieve category groups and their categories from a certain channel or list of category groups.
  • Shine PDF (for EE2) by Shine Marketing
    Generates PDFs on-the-fly from ExpressionEngine templates.
  • JVL Currency (for EE2) by Jan Van Lysebettens
    A simple fieldtype that makes it easy to add a currency to a field, for example, to add a "price" to a channel entry.

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oceanreaction 06.18.12

Why can’t i make purchases on the website? IS the website having issues?

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