This Week in devot:ee #76 - July 7, 2013

July 7, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

The super-late July 4th on the 7th edition: 4 new add-ons.

New Add-ons This Week

  • HooBlong ($) by de Beer
    Multiple Memberships w/ Need-to-Know Access Control. With HooBlong you can assign individual users to any number of available user groups so that their access permissions are combined in a logical way. HooBlong also provides a new access control feature, Need-to-Know Access Control.
  • Low Reeorder for Structure by rkingon
    This accessory will look for structure listings that are using low reeorder sets. If it finds a match it will add a "Reorder" link next to the "Add or Edit" links.
  • VZ Alignment by Eli Van Zoeren
    Fieldtype for setting horizontal, vertical, or two-dimensional alignment. Also works as a Matrix celltype.
  • MODL Giving Impact by Minds On Design Lab
    This open source module helps to integrate the Giving Impact™ SAAS platform to combine easy to use EE Tags with the platforms secure, flexible, and powerful API. Giving Impact's fundraising API and services allows you integrate donation processing and campaign management directly within your website/app for a fully customizable solution. Design and layout the campaign landing pages the way you want them to be. Giving Impact will provide key data and features including branded and secure checkout pages, up to date donation totals, recent donors, donor feedback, to name a few that can be incorporated into your EECMS templates as you'd like them to be. Liberate your online fundraising/donation development.

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