This Week in devot:ee #1 - January 19, 2012

January 19, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

Starting this week, we’re going to report on what we’ve been working on, because sometimes a tweet or two just isn’t enough.

We're going to try and give you updates on what we're doing around here on a regular basis. We've been putting some cool things out there and tweeting about it, but often those tweet get lost in the shuffle and then people aren't aware of new things or improvements.

We've been doing the Weekly devot:ee over at EE Insider for over 100 weeks, so we figured we might be able to handle giving you a weekly scoop here as well.

Recently Rolled Out

Support Forum RSS feeds.

Ever since our conversion to EE2, some devs had had issues being notified when new topics are started in their support forums. We added RSS feeds for each support forum as another way for devs to keep up to date on support activity. Devs can find the RSS links on their add-ons tab on their members page.

Added new "Resolved" categories to the support forums

Moderators now have the ability to selept a "resolved" status for threads that are taken care of. This has a knocked-back grey color. This way dev no longer have to alter the title of the thread with "[Resolved]". This has another good effect: because of the knocked back color, the old resolved bugs won't look so alarming with their red labels any more. Down the line, we'd like to be able to filter on these forum topic categories as well, so you might want to show only items that are open bugs, or support requests, etc.

We created a Ban Hammer for the support forums

The forums have recently taken a beating from invading hordes of spammers. We created a 1-click ban link for us internally, which saves us a ton of time when banning a user (which is otherwise a horribly inefficient process in EE2). You report the thread, we take a look, click the Ban Hammer, and they're instantly banned. We hope this helps speed up removal of the garbage we've seen in there lately. Of course, we've also given moderators delete ability to help clean up their own support threads, instead of waiting for us to do it.

Added search keywords to the search results page

Hey, it's the little things. A user asked to see what it was they had just searched for, so we put that at the top of the results template.

Added a download button for add-ons to the left sidebar

At the upper left on add-on entry pages you'll now see an easy-to-find download button. If you've already purchased an add-on, you can now download it right from the add-on entry page. Even free add-ons that have a download link will have a download button show in that same area.

New process for returning purchases

Returns were eating up an incredible amount of time, because they are tedious. We created a returns process for add-ons. In the unlikely event you need to return an add-on, just visit the Return page to initiate a return. It automatically pulls up the orders you've placed in the last 30 days, and then lists add-ons available for return on any order you've selected. Store credit is selected by default for the method of return, but you can also elect the original payment method. When the return has been processed, you recieve an email with details about the return.

Fixed the JSON data for individual add-ons

The JSON data for any add-on was horribly broken, so we just fixed that today. The URL to get JSON data about any add-on is[add-on-url-title]. If you're a developer and would like to use these URLs, and you see anything missing, or believe something should change, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

This week in Add-ons

  • Illuminated ($, for EE2) by Isaac Raway (Airways)
    Illuminated is a content editing fieldtype for people who speak HTML.
  • Server Variable (for EE2) by Rein de Vries
    A small plugin that retrieves the server vars from the server.
  • Google Currency Converter ($, for EE2) by Percipio
    Perfect for eCommerce environments selling items globally, this plugin allows you to instantly convert numeric values to alternate currencies, with parameters to round results to specific decimal places.
  • Auto Increment Field ($, for EE2) by Biber Ltd. (Can Berkol)
    Auto Increment Field is a read-only field type that mimics MySQL auto-increment functionality.
  • ThEEditorCodeMirror (for EE2) by Anthony W. Rainer
    The same as ThEEditor (, but uses CodeMirror which is faster and more supported.
  • JMS SuperSearch Wrangler (for EE1 & EE2) by James Smith
    SuperSearch Wrangler removes common words from any Solspace Super Search keyword searches to improve the quality of search results. (Requires Solspace Super Search addon).

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