This Week in devot:ee #52 - January 17, 2013

January 17, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

This week we updated AcademEE Awards across the site, worked on better reporting for developers, and added two new add-ons to the catalog.

Recently Rolled Out

More Visible AcademEE Awards

We really simplified how the AcademEE Awards are queried on the site, and updated their look a bit as well. Previously we had had an entire Awards channel, and were relating entries there to the add-ons via a reverse relationship (using Playa), which was totally a case of overthinking how to do something in ExpressionEngine, and which added a lot of unnecessary queries to add-on related templates.

We now have a simpler field which helps eliminate queries (and anyone who has used devot:ee over the years knows that we have been eliminating queries here and there all the time!), and decided to signify winners other than 1st place, going all the way down to the Honorable Mentions. We updated the graphics too, so that 1st through 3rd place have small trophies and the Honorable Mentions have a badge. We hope these small visual cues will help you pick out top add-ons when looking through search results or using the filter.

We now also signify winning developers on their devloper page. Some great examples are Low (2012's Developer of the Year) and Pixel & Tonic, who has placed 1st or 2nd a number of times in the Developer category.

In Progress

Better Reporting

We're currently working on an improved reports area for developers. This is something we've wanted to give you for a while, so it's a great feeling to see some big improvements happening on our development branch. 

New Add-ons This Week

  • Stringy by Glenn Jacobs
    Allows you to easily manipulate text/strings in lots of different and useful ways!
  • Enhancer by 24here (24here)
    Enhancer - an accessory that allows you to improve the administrative panel.

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