This Week in devot:ee #6 - February 23, 2012

February 23, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

We spent no time horsing around this week: we upgraded to ExpressionEngine 2.4, and did much work around improving the add-on support forums.

Another productive week for us. Here's a breakdown for your reading pleasure:

Recently Rolled Out

Improved Favorites and Bookmarks

We added column sorting to the favorites and bookmarks tabs in the member area. We also added columns for version number (when available) and release date to make keeping up to date with your favorite add-ons even easier.

Upgrade to ExpressionEngine 2.4

We finally upgraded the site to EE 2.4, and also took the time to upgrade about 25 main add-ons. The upgrade brought along a few oddities and reintroduced some undesirable Safecracker File behavior in the add-on submission and edit forms. We think we have everything ironed out now. Thanks for your patience as we got everything back to normal.

More Support Forum Spam Checks

We added yet another measure to help keep the support forums spam-free, faster. We created a custom add-on called "Forum Protection" that, among other things, has a setting for words to flag (you-gee-gee boots, anyone?). If any post or topic goes in that contains any of those words, we're notified immediately. If we determine the post is spam, we use our handy Ban Hammer link to ban that user, which immediately wipes out all their content across any support threads. We're setting up the cron job that will periodically sweep through the forums and clean up after us.

We also are probably moving away from our current spam control on posting in the forums (which happens to be Low NoSpam using Akismet). We are getting too many false positives with this method, and there isn't a way for us to remedy it, because we don't know what Akismet is thinking when flagging a post. The plan is to move to the latest release of Ben Croker's Snaptcha.

Better Support Forum Notification Emails and Updated Setting

We've updated the support forum notification email subject lines to be more descriptive for easier email sorting/archiving. For moderators, we've also enabled the Notify Moderators of New Replies? setting (previously we only had Notify Moderators of New Topics? set to 'yes'). You will now get an email every time there's a reply or a topic in one of your moderated support forums. If you still feel you're missing emails, please .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Order API Update

We added the customer IP address to the Order API at the request of Eric Lamb, and it didn't take him long to tweet this:

@mithra62: Just wrote an IP to location script to use against my @devot_ee orders in CT Admin and the data looks interesting so far… #eecms

We're interested to know what he found. We're also interested in how you might be using the Order API to do interesting things on your side. If you're a developer selling commercial items through the devot:ee store and are using the API to do something interesting, we may want to do an article about it. Email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) and let us know what you're up to.

The devot:ee add-on is in beta

We added a few people to the Github repo for the devot:ee add-on and have been getting some useful feedback so far. Thanks to those folks (a lot of Nerdery people!) for their help and willingness to give it a spin.

Break Time

As a reward for working hard all week we took some time for a colt one. You should too. Enjoy your weekend!

This Week in Add-ons

  • Detour Pro ($, for EE2) by Mike Hughes (cityzen)
    Are you tired of managing your redirects with a clunky .htaccess file? Do you want to have Control Panel access to set up and manage redirects? Detour Pro (upgrade from the Detour extension) is here with new exciting features including 301 and 302 redirects, wildcards, start dates, expiration dates and more.
  • Encaf Where is the LV? (for EE2) by Chad Crowell (Encaffeinated)
    Now its not just a hit song from the Black Eyed Peas, Where is the LV? allows you to place a Low Variables link in the Structure main page so it is easier to access.

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