This Week in devot:ee #57 - February 21, 2013

February 21, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

This week we added developer-specific Google Analytics tracking, removed the confirmation screens for logging in and out, and added nine new add-ons.

Developer-Specific Google Analytics Tracking

Developers can now get analytics for their add-ons, storefront page, and support forums. There is a new field in your developer settings where you can add your tracking code (e.g., "UA-XXXXX-XX"). We'll automatically put that code on the relevant pages. We suggest making a new property within Google Analytics for tracking this data. If you like this feature, you can thank Michael Rog (@michaelrog) for staying on our case for a long time to get it implemented. Thanks for helping us test out the feature, Michael!

Logged In/Out Confirmation Messages, Begone!

We got rid of the logged-in and logged-out confirmation screens. There are a number of add-ons you can use to do this, but we went with our own because we knew exactly what we wanted to do and we like to "code our own" on some things. Logging in is so much more enjoyable now.

New Add-ons This Week

  • Video Length by Michael Leigeber
    Return MM:SS from inputted seconds.
  • String Explode Tag by Tom Burr
    Allows you to use the PHP explode function from a template tag without enabling PHP on the template.
  • Reefine ($) by Ralph
    Reefine allows your users to easily filter, search and refine your entries, in the familiar way of many major ecommerce websites.
  • Structure URL Alias ($) by Rein de Vries
    Structure URL Alias is a module that will create one or more aliases of your Structure Page or Listings. This may handy in times when you need two or more URLs pointing to the same Page.
  • Dukt Videos ($) by Benjamin David
    Empower your ExpressionEngine website with social videos from YouTube & Vimeo. Here is a snapshot of Dukt Videos features : Search videos online, connect to your accounts, retrieve your videos & favorites, access meta data, compatible with matrix.
  • Language variables ($) by Digital Natives srl
    Access everything in the $lang array without using PHP.
  • Dandy Cat by EpicVoyage
    It has been said that when it comes to categories in ExpressionEngine, you can do AND -or- OR, but not both. This module changes that.
  • Pages - Nested Menu by Nathan Pitman (Nine Four Ltd)
    This is a port of the fantastic 'Pages - nested menu' plug-in for EE2.x. It was originally written by Mark Huot for ExpressionEngine 1.x.
  • Admin Auto Cookie Consent by EpicVoyage
    Make it clear that cookies are required to log in to the CP. If someone disagrees, they can go find an administrative interface on another server.

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