This Week in devot:ee #3 - February 2, 2012

February 2, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

Optimizing templates, removing pending accounts automagically, planning improvements to your downloads area, and possibly weaving an add-on basket. It’s not all ping pong and beer.

We've been able to devote a lot of time to devot:ee lately (we're between client projects!) so we're mowing through everything we can. A lot of the changes we made this week were behind the scenes or in preparation to roll out something soon, but here's the scoop so you can see that we're not just all about ping pong and beer over here.

Recently Rolled Out

Gallery Fixes

Our recent conversion to a new add-on gallery didn't come without some bugs, so we fixed every one we came across. But there's no accounting for developers like @iain who blows up his Taxonomy page because he can't read carefully written instructions that clearly state to only insert the video ID for YouTube and Vimeo videos and not the whole embed code. Just kidding, Iain. Sort of.

New FIlter Option for Add-ons Sold on devot:ee

We created a new filter for items sold on devot:ee (252 as of this writing), and added "Add to Cart" inks to the filter results.

Encaf Reemember

In our ongoing quest to defeat spammers, we installed Encaf Reemember from Encaffeinated (Chad Crowell). This will help us wipe out the hordes of pending members (spammers) in a more automated way. Our first run of the add-on sent out over 600 reminder emails, the vast majority of which will not be responded to. That means the next day those accounts will be wiped. We set up a cron job to run Reemember periodically, so this aspect of member management is off and running on its own.

Forum Fixes

Wily developers like Mark Croxton (@croxton) always break our support forums by putting in EE tags and sample code outside of 'code' tags. We wrote an extension to help ensure the support forums don't break again.

In Progress

Optimization and Simplification

We've started another wave of optimization. This is encompassing all sorts of sitewide changes, like converting some embeds to snippets, converting some Template Morsels to CE Cache, removing some embeds altogether (by this time next week, almost every template on the site will have 2 to 4 fewer embeds), and hard-coding things that had no real reason to be dynamic in the first place. We've also removed some cruft queries and loops that were rarely showing anything, and converted some channel:entries tags to much simpler, more light weight custom queries. We have a ways to go yet, but we hope this next wave will make noticable improvements in page load times.

Add-on Licenses and Downloads Area

We're working on a different (optional) way to display your add-on licenses, because the main list can get a little long if you buy a number of licenses. We should have this rolled out by the end of Q1. We have to keep updating this area to keep one step ahead of Solspace:

"@masuga: Hey now, looks like @solspace took a cue from @devot_ee on setting up a downloads page. #eecms" – devot:ee downloads (pic); Solspace downloads (pic)

Add-ons in a...Basket?

In response to this tweet:

"@stevieg_83: would any other #eecms devs find it useful to create an addon basket @devot_ee per project and then checkout later?"

We're working on something along these lines. We use devot:ee like anyone else does, and there is functionality here that we think is missing and is very close to what @stevieg_83 is asking for.

This Week in Add-ons

  • Shine Slugger (for EE2) by Shine Marketing
    Shows or hides its content, depending on whether a specified string is found in the current URL. Ideal for use on development versions of sites (e.g., or on specific pages (e.g. "contact/thanks").
  • Login backup (for EE2) by Rein de Vries
    This extension will create a backup of the database on login.
  • Mailinglist Importer (for EE2) by Rein de Vries
    This module will extends the functionality for the mailinglist module. Sometimes you have a mailinglist that you want to completely replace with a new list. With this module it is possible, because you can replace a whole mailinglist for a new one.


Chad Crowell 02.02.12

Thanks for the mention. Reemember is great for membership sites with a stack of non-activated accounts. Glad things are going well for Devotee.

PutYourLightsOn 02.03.12


Ryan, please, try Snaptcha! I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Added member registration form support in v1.1

mithra62 02.06.12

Agreed on Snaptcha; it’s a wonderful tool to kick the spammers in the face.

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