This Week in devot:ee #5 - February 16, 2012

February 16, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

Improvements to the licenses and download area, and ability to transfer licenses to other members

Recently Rolled Out

Transfer Licenses Yourself

You can now transfer licenses to other devot:ee accounts (eg., clients) without needing to contact us. See the new "License Transfers" link on your member page.

New "Condensed" License View and Other Improvements

There is a new optional view of your licenses where they're grouped by add-on name. It's much cleaner if you have many licenses. You can switch between views and it will remember your last selection.

We changed the add-on licenses notes to update via AJAX, so now you don't have to leave the Downloads tab to update your notes.

We've also cut the query count for the downloads tab in half. We are still looking for other query reductions in this area to help speed up your member page area.

In Progress

We're in the process of upgrading the site to EE 2.4 because we've discovered a couple issues with SAEFs that probably can only be addressed by an upgrade. This means we need to upgrade about 22 add-ons as well, which makes us very grateful for our Git workflow, local development sites, and staging site. I don't know how some developers could possibly upgrade ExpressionEngine installs on live servers without losing a few hairs and shaving a few years off their lives.

In Memorium

This week we're sorry to announce that the Reggy add-on has been discontinued. If you have a moment, please read my eulogy for an add-on that was taken from us too soon (see bottom of the reggy page).

This Week in Add-ons

  • moreEvents ($, for EE2) by moresoda
    moreEvents is an event management module that incorporates a full suite of template tags to allow you to build the event and checkout system that you need. Includes payment processing, data export, per event custom fields and more.
  • Automat:ee Developer ($, for EE2) by mithra62 (Eric Lamb)
    Automat:ee is an interface to automate your ExpressionEngine site. With the Automat:ee Developer license developers can install Automat:ee an unlimited number of times on an unlimited number of servers.
  • URL Helper (for EE2) by Brian Litzinger
    URL Helper is the combination of a couple of popular plugins/extensions, plus some extra goodness thrown in for good measure. It parses the URL and creates a slew of global variables to use in your templates.


Euan 02.17.12


Really liking the new weekly roundup format.

Blakeski 02.17.12

Yes nice tight format. Oh did we share that fabulous Git workflow, dev setup somewhere I have grey hairs, don’t askā€¦

Ryan Masuga 02.17.12

Ryan Masuga

Thanks guys. I figured if I was able to do a weekly devot:ee add-on round-up over at EEInsider for over 100 weeks, I could probably do a write-up on our own site at the same time. Sometimes doing a tweet or two isn’t enough, and people miss updates that way.

This is a great way for me to let users and developers know we’re working on things all the time.

Writing is an exercise and I’m woefully out of shape at it, so these weekly posts are a great way for me to keep writing. They’re getting easier.

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