This Week in devot:ee #29 - August 2, 2012

August 2, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

This week: A note about the August 2012 Editor’s Pick, a thank you to the community for your years of add-on submissions, and an announcement about our awesome new hire that will help bring devot:ee to the next level.

Submitting Add-ons: It's All You!

There seems to be some confusion as to how we get our information about new add-ons every week. When devot:ee started in 2008-2009, we manually input the first 200-300 add-ons. Ever since then every add-on entry has been submitted by members of the EE community. We do not actively go out and look for new add-ons. There are now 1,672 add-ons in our catalogue. That means about 85% of the add-ons listed on devot:ee were submitted by you. Thanks so much for your contributions over the past few years.

In light of this slight misunderstanding, I've changed the name of the last section from "This Week in Add-ons" to "New Add-ons This Week", which is more accurate.

August 2012 Editor's Pick: GW Code Categories

This month's Editor's Pick is a lesser-known gem of a plugin called GW Code Categories by Leon Djik. It isn't glamorous, but it makes working with categories much easier than it is when dealing only with native tags.

Working with categories in ExpressionEngine can be challenging, especially when you need to do anything complex. This is where GW Code Categories shines: it's what native category handling should be. If you need to do anything remotely difficult or complex with categories, you owe it to yourself to check out this amazing free add-on.

Leon can be found on Twitter @GWcode. Give him a shout and let him know he's awesome.

A New Hire!

We're very excited to announce that our search for a PHP/MySQL developer is over. You might already be familiar with this member of the ExpressionEngine community because she's quite well known for helping people out with complex MySQL queries and general programming snafus. Please give a warm welcome to Adrienne Travis (@adrienneleigh), who joins us full-time to help take devot:ee to the next level. We can't wait to fly her out to lovely Grand Rapids, MI in August for an intense week of devot:ee planning. Welcome aboard, Adrienne!

Advertising Available

We have advertising availble - both tenancy spots and CPM impressions. If you would like to get the word out about your product or service, especially before the upcoming EECI conference, please visit the Advertise page for more information or email Ryan.

New Add-ons This Week

  • VL File Generator ($) by Viget Labs
    Need to load dynamic CSS or JSON faster? Let VL File Generator store your dynamic templates as flat files for quicker load.
  • S3 Directory by Derek Hogue (Amphibian Design)
    This simple fieldtype allows you to select an existing file from an Amazon S3 bucket, and then output useful info about it. This is not for uploading, editing, or deleting files in your S3 buckets. It's essentially a simple file browser.
  • Better Pagination by Brian Litzinger
    This extension was created to replace the native pagination links e.g. /template-group/template/P1, with something... more usable.
  • Channel Variables ($) by AutumnDev
    The Channel Variables Extension allow you to run Snippets, Global Variables and user defined Global Variables from within channel entries.
  • FI Cookie Purge (also for EE1) by Simon Jones
    This extension destroys specified cookies that are automatically set by ExpressionEngine, unless the user has indicated their acceptance to receive them. It helps ExpressionEngine sites to comply with The Privacy and Electronic Communications (EC Directive) Regulations 2003.
  • MH Index by Mike Heavers
    The Index plugin simply outputs the current index of an entry within the channel entries loop. This is the same as the {count} tag but starts from 0 instead of 1. Just surround the {count} tag with this tag pair.
  • Login Count by Yuri Salimovskiy (IntoEEtive)
    Login Count is the module and extension for ExpressionEngine 2 that counts how many times the user has logged in.
  • Override_site_name by GDmac
    Change devot:ee to the one you actually specified in index.php with assign_to_config

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