This Week in devot:ee #31 - August 16, 2012

August 16, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

This week we added email notifications for add-on updates and a couple new ways to add items to your cart. We’re also sponsoring EECI in Texas (and giving away a couple tickets!) and introducing ExpressionMonitor. Busy week!

devot:ee is an EECI Sponsor

We're proud to announce that we're sponsoring the 6th ExpressionEngine Conference in Horseshoe Bay, TX at the Platinum level. EECI is consistently a great conference to attend–especially if you're into ExpressionEngine. Looking at the lineup of speakers and the newly added Dev Track, this EECI will surely be no exception. We're glad that we're able to support Robert Eerhart (@RobertEerhart) and crew for putting on these conferences. 

Get 10% off EECI Conference Tickets

Robert is letting devot:ee readers in on a 10% discount for EECI. Use code "devotee10" when purchasing your conference ticket. (Edit: Uh, sorry...this isn't currently functional. We'll let you know when this discount is available.)

Two EECI Tickets to Give Away

Is a 10% discount not enough for you? Are you feelin' lucky? We have two extra EECI tickets to give away and as always, the more the merrier at EECI. If you're on the fence about going, and saving the $250 conference cost might push you over the edge, email Ryan with the reason we should pick you to be entered in a drawing that we'll hold next Thursday. That means you have from now until 9am EDT on Thursday, August 23. We'll announce the winners in next week's article.

Recently Rolled Out

New Ways to Add to Cart

This week we added "Add to Cart" links in two new places. You can now add items to your cart directly from the developer "storefronts" (eg., Pixel & Tonic, DevDemon) and you can also add items directly from your Favorite and Bookmark lists, located in your member area.

Email Notifications for Purchased Add-on Updates

We added a new opt-in email setting so you can be notified whenever an add-on you've purchased has been updated (this is going off the version number, not anything as small as a description change or new image uploaded). You can enable this setting by editing your member profile. Look for the "Send an email when an add-on I've purchased is updated" setting.

In Progress

Introducing ExpressionMonitor

NASA has Mission Control. You have ExpressionMonitor.

We'd like to draw your attention to an upcoming service being developed by eecoder (Shawn Maida (@eecoder) and Aaron Kuzemchak (@akuzemchak)) called ExpressionMonitor. If you've downloaded and used the devot:ee monitor add-on, you've already had a taste of what this service will provide, but all in one central location. We're excited to be able to work with eecoder on this project. We know it's something we'll use here to help ensure we're the best ExpressionEngine-based web studio we can be.

If you're interested in learning more, visit and sign up for the beta.

New Add-ons This Week

  • Better Workflow Draft Plugin by Loren Klingman
    Create notes that only show for better workflow drafts or only show on the live site.
  • Team Manager ($) by UAC Studios
    Team Manager is a sports team management module. Install this in your ExpressionEngine system and it will allow you to manage your team, your players, your staff, leagues, cups and friendly fixtures.
  • RequireJS for EE by Christopher Imrie
    This extension loads RequireJS early into the ExpressionEngine CP and makes it available via a PHP API to all addon types throughout the entire Control Panel.

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