This Week in devot:ee #82 - August 15, 2013

August 15, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

Eleven new add-ons this week. Of note are Mustash from Mark Croxton and all of Objective HTML’s “packs” for Photo Frame.

New Add-ons This Week

The last couple weeks were a bit slow on the new add-on front, but this week makes up for that by introducing eleven new ones. Of note are Mustash from Mark Croxton which adds caching to his extremely popular and useful Stash add-on, and Objective HTML's "packs" (Meta, Text) for the very powerful Photo Frame.

  • MSM Site Select by Rein de Vries
    This little Fieldtype adds a dropdown for selecting a MSM site. This way you can create a MSM site where the content editor can select on which site the content is visible. Supports Matrix, LV, Grid and Content Elements.
  • Photo Frame Text Pack ($) by Objective HTML
    The Text Pack adds a new button that allows users to create text labels that overlay photos. The Text Pack integrates with Google Fonts to provide you with the most robust and elegant library of fonts.
  • Photo Frame Meta Pack ($) by Objective HTML
    The Meta Pack adds an additional button to toolbar to your existing Photo Frame install that allows you to read the EXIF (meta) data that is associated with the photo. The EXIF data is created by the camera or application used to render the photo. Photo Frame will read and store this data, and give you the ability to output in the template with new tags.
  • Entry Exporter ($) by Michael Rog
    Entry Exporter allows you to package up an entry as a flat file, along with any attached/included images, and export it as a folder or ZIP file on your server. You can tweak options like entry ID, template, format, filenames, etc., via your config file (for defaults) or the ACT URL (for ad hoc exports).
  • SEOverride ($) by Drez Design
    The SEOverride module is a single-page, AJAX-based control panel for managing the title and meta tags for any URL on your Expression Engine powered website.
  • Breadcrumbs from URL lite (free version) by Nicholas Cheek
    This is a lite version of breadcrumbs from URL. Takes your current URL, excluding your domain, and places a breadcrumb trail for your users to follow.
  • Mustash ($) by Mark Croxton
    Mustash is an ExpressionEngine control panel module for managing cached Stash variables, bundles and cache-breaking rules. It's the perfect companion to Stash.
  • Is Message Read? by Yuri Salimovskiy (IntoEEtive)
    ExpressionEngine plugin to check whether PM in 'sent' folder is read by recipient
  • Store Address Lists by Peter Lewis
    Displays Country and Region lists for use outside of Exp:resso Store checkout tag, either as a single tag outputting select options, or a tag pair for custom markup.
  • Breadcrumbs From URL ($) by Nicholas Cheek
    Allows you to create a breadcrumb link trail from the URL you're on without utilizing the control panel for fast implementation. It's as simple as adding the {exp:breadcrumb:url} tag.You're able to create breadcrumbs with simplicity and style them to your site.
  • PDF Press (5-Site License) ($) by Anecka (Pat Pohler)
    Save any ExpressionEngine® HTML/CSS template to PDF in a matter of seconds without an additional API or monthly fee. Make downloadable order recipients, invoices, product brochures and case studies. Unicode is supported, save PDFs to other character sets such as Arabic, Chinese, and Cyrillic.

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