This Week in devot:ee #12 - April 5, 2012

April 5, 2012
by Ryan Masuga

This week we worked on add-on filter optimization, email notifications when add-ons go live, and we’re calling for some help with the devot:ee add-on.

Editor PickCE Cache is an incredibly useful add-on.

Our first Editor's Pick is now live. We're fans of CE Cache and Aaron has consistently proven what a good developer he is in offering quick support and incorporating feature requests and updates.

To give you an idea how effective this add-on is at speeding up a site, consider that we recently inherited a client site that had over 10,000 queries on the homepage. TEN THOUSAND. Their site obviously has larger problems than caching, but they needed a quick solution so that their homepage stopped averaging 19 seconds to load. We installed CE Cache and wrapped a few areas of the homepage in cache:it tags. In less than 10 minutes, we had the homepage down to 81 queries and a 0.3 second load time, to be refreshed at a certain time interval. Imagine how the site would sing if the templates didn't already have query issues and CE Cache was added as the icing on the cake, rather than the band-aid on the wound. CE Cache is in use on devot:ee as well and we highly recommend it.

Recently Rolled Out

Faster Filtering and Filter by Editor's Pick

The add-on filter was converted from a template with a ton of PHP on it to a custom plugin, which should show an increase in speed. We also added the ability to filter those items that were selected as our Editor's Pick of the month. it's just one more way for us to help you find those add-ons worthy of using.

Email Notifications for Add-ons Going Live

This is one of those "nice to haves" that has been on our list for a while: a way to notify developers when their add-on has been reviewed and is available on the site. This is a new optional email setting (found with the other email settings under Edit Your Profile) titled "Send an email when my add-ons become active." Two slightly different emails were created and one or the other is sent out depending on who submitted the add-on. Sometimes someone finds an add-on, lists someone else as the developer and it goes on the site without the original dev being aware. Other times, you might submit your own add-on, and be chomping at the bit for it to go live so that you can put it up for sale. This new email setting will notify you in either case. We hope you find this new (opt-in!) email setting convenient.

In Progress

Help Us With the Devot:ee Add-on

If you're a developer, you can help us get the devot:ee add-on out of beta by populating the "Package Name" field for your add-on(s). On the Edit page, you'll see the Package Name field with these instructions:

In order for EE2 add-ons to be part of a new update notification system, please provide the package name of the add-on. This is the name of the directory that is placed in the /system/expressionengine/third-party folder.

We're populating these fields as we have time, but have many add-ons to go. We feel we're going to make one of the most useful add-ons for notifying you when your add-ons need to be updated, but it will only be as good as the data we have. If you have a few seconds to fill in your package names, we'd appreciate it!

This Week in Add-ons

  • Pages AutoSave URI (for EE2) by Johan Strömqvist
    "Pages AutoSave URI" automatically saves your entry url_title field to your page URI field. Never again does your client need to manually type the "Page URI" value.

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