This Week in devot:ee #66 - April 25, 2013

April 25, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

Pixel & Tonic add-ons are now sold exclusively through devot:ee; devot:ee is a Featured Sponsor of the ExpressionEngine Conference in Portland, OR in October.

Pixel & Tonic Now Sold Exclusively on

This week we took over all sales of Pixel & Tonic's ExpressionEngine add-ons. If you had licenses on P&T, they've been moved to devot:ee. You can claim them by going to our P&T Claim page. More info about the move and claiming your add-ons can be found in our news post from earlier this week. 

devot:ee is a Featured Sponsor of the 2013 ExpressionEngine Conference

We're proud to announce that we're a Featured Sponsor of the most extensive business and technical training conference ever assembled for ExpressionEngine, the 2013 ExpressionEngine Conference. The EE conferences are always a great time, and this one looks like it has the potential to blow all the previous ones out of the water with its extensive lineup of speakers and various workshops and classrooms. The entire devot:ee team is excited about making the trip to Portland later this year. We hope to see you there.

We purchased an extra all-access ticket ($450 value) that we'll be giving away a little later this year.

New Add-ons This Week

  • Lovely Sorted Add-ons by Dan Diemer
    Lovely Sorted Add-ons groups your Modules, Extensions, Accessories and Fieldtypes into separate Enabled and Disabled tables in the Control Panel. It also standardizes some terminology across all types of add-ons.
  • Filter Entries ($) by a&m impact
    Want to filter your entries based on their custom fields? This extension will filter entries for a certain channel based on user input and allows you to display them using a CE tag! Inlcudes support for playa fields!
  • Field Pack by Pixel & Tonic (Brandon Kelly)
    Field Pack gives you a handful of useful little fieldtypes.
  • Publisher Lite ($) by Brian Litzinger (Bold Minded)
    Publisher Lite is the workflow only version of Publisher. It does not support multiple languages, but you get all the other benefits of Publisher.
  • Hijack by Blue Coast Web
    Inject arbitrary Javascript into the ExpressionEngine control panel.
  • Authentic by Blue Coast Web
    HTTP Basic Authentication plugin for ExpressionEngine. Password protect an arbitrary public facing page or URL without involving either the EE Member module or the web server configuration (.htaccess, htpasswd etc).

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