The Devot:ee Add-On Store Now Supports PayPal

August 21, 2010
by Ryan Masuga

We now support PayPal in the devot:ee store, so you have two ways to get the add-ons you need for your ExpressionEngine projects.

PayPal SupportIn addition to our standard merchant account/gateway setup, we now support PayPal. We had many requests for PayPal integration (particularly from overseas customers whose credit cards would frequently be declined) so we carved out a little time from working on client work to make this happen. Looks like it was a good idea: the majority of orders made since we quietly enabled this feature last night are PayPal orders. We hope this is exciting news for developers who sell their commercial add-ons on devot:ee - and particularly those developers whose items are sold exclusively through our shop. We appreciate your work. And a big thank you to the ExpressionEngine community that supports these developers, and devot:ee, every time a purchase is made here.


Craig Allen 08.30.10

Craig Allen

Yay. Thanks very much for that. For overseas purchasers the most important about to using PayPal is the the neat invoice come with the purchase amount converted to our local currency – saving us the hassle of looking up the exchange rate, doing the calculation and then writing our local currency amount onto the invoice manually.

Lee 09.10.10

Good move.

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