Ryan Masuga to Speak at the 2009 EE Roadshow

August 7, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

Devot:ee (Ryan Masuga) will head out to Seattle, WA for the weekend of October 2 to speak on a panel about ExpressionEngine, add-ons, and general development. We’ll also weigh in on who exactly is picking up the bar tab.

The EE Roadshow is a traveling conference designed to bring together experts and users to learn ExpressionEngine techniques and share insider tips about the CMS. This is its second year and will take place in Seattle, WA on October 2nd. This year the Roadshow has invited us to speak on a panel called "Developing & Marketing EE Add-Ons": The panel will address successes and failures in developing add-ons, the how-tos and the whys of building and charging for (or giving away) add-ons for EE. We'd like to thank the Roadshow team for the invite. We look forward to visiting Seattle, talking shop and meeting like-minded EE users like yourself over food and drinks. Interested in attending the show? "Register": now!

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