Revamping the Add-On Submission Form

November 4, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

We took some time to tweak the add-on submission form, which will hopefully make things at little easier for those submitting add-ons to devot:ee

We spent time today updating the add-on submission form on devot:ee. Previously, we had "holding" fields on our end that would temporarily hold your input, and we would manually move the info into FF Matrix fields or Playa fields. This was tedious and definitely a bottleneck in getting add-on information out the door for people to search. These updates should make things easier for everyone. Here is a list of the changes:

  • Add-on Developer field is now a full-fledged Playa field
  • Added the (optional) Add-on Full Description field, with some Markitup! buttons for formatting help
  • Simplified the Add-on Links fields into a single FF Matrix field. The Title is optional. Add as many links as you need. Check the box if the link is to the EE Forums.
  • Hooks field is now a full Playa field rather than a text-area.
  • Added a new Add-on Version Support field, where you designate if the add-on is compatible with ExpressionEngine 1.6, ExpressionEngine 2.0, or both.

The last item is key because this will help people locate those add-ons that have been ported to EE 2.0. This "flag" will be used to easily identify 2.0-ready add-ons in the database.

When devot:ee started in May of this year, there were about 350 add-ons catalogued in the library, and there are now over 500 ready to be searched - and many more have since been submitted. Thank you for helping devot:ee become such a powerful and useful resource for all sorts of ExpressionEngine users. We hope the updates to the add-on submission form will make the task of submitting an add-on easier for you. Keep 'em coming!

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