Repart-ee Features Ryan Masuga and Devot:ee in Their First Podcast

May 27, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

Repartee ( is a new site put on by Dan Diemer that features ExpressionEngine podcasts. Ryan Masuga and Devot:ee are the featured interview for Episode 1.

Dan Diemer recently started Repartee ("": which is a site that features ExpressionEngine podcasts. Ryan Masuga (me) of Devot:ee is the featured interview in the "first episode": which runs about 29 minutes. We cover all sort of things like: * ExpressionEngine's features * popular extensions and my methodical organization of EE add-ons * the main idea behind devot:ee and how it snowballed into the site * "must install" extensions including nGen File and FieldFrame * add-on development (eg MD Crumb Brulee (for breadcrumbs) that's never been released) * recommendations for new EE users * how devot:ee might need more cowbell (28:00) You can follow both Dan ("diemer": and Repartee ("repart_ee": on Twitter. The Repartee podcast is also available on iTunes. (Phobos/iTunes link: "Repartee on iTunes": Thanks, Dan, for inviting me to be a part of your EE podcast, and good luck with future interviews.

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Ed 05.28.09

You might want to reword your second bullet, it might be misconstrued by some :-).

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