Registration for the Devot:ee Launch Giveaway Ends June 14

June 12, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

Time is running out to register for the devot:ee launch giveaways.

The window for the launch giveaway is rapidly closing. *There are only two days left.* You have until end of day June 14, 2009 to "register":/members/register/ for "devot:ee launch giveaways": June 15 will be too late! Registration is free, but if you do want a crack at the very best prizes, you can get the "devot:ed" membership, which also entitles you to other things around the site...and planned for the future. So if you were on the fence about registering at devot:ee, what are you waiting for? You may as well do it now and get your name in the running to win some great EE-related prizes.


Euan 06.17.09


Who won?

Wolferey 06.30.09

I wonder about that too, who won? :o

Ryan Masuga 07.01.09

Ryan Masuga

As stated in the sidebar of the giveaways page, the drawings will take place the first week of July – which means at some point in the next week. Stay tuned!

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