New Section Added for ExpressionEngine Related Events

November 3, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

We’ve added an “Events” section to devot:ee where you can view (and submit) events related to ExpressionEngine - and catch all the action in a glance on the map.

They say you should release or announce things on Tuesdays. So I'm announcing today that last Friday I launched a new section at devot:ee for ExpressionEngine related events. This allows registered users to submit an event which will show up immediately in the devot:ee RSS feed, and be placed on the events map - no waiting for anyone to approve them on this end.

EE Events PageDevot:ee's Events Page

Event information that had anything to do with ExpressionEngine has always been decentralized and disorganized, and this is no longer an acceptable state considering the rise in EE's popularity and the more frequent occurrence of events where ExpressionEngine (and CodeIgniter) are discussed: EECI, EE Roadshow, Build Guilds, Barcamps, and other established web development conferences such as An Event Apart or SXSW. Up until Friday, event notifications could be found in a very small spot on the ExpressionEngine homepage, Twitter streams, and various blog posts from near and far.

Many of you are already visiting this site very frequently, so it behooved us to give you some extra value while you're here. The idea, as always, was to do it better than what's out there now. There is a Google map where you can get a feel for upcoming events at a glance. Clicking any pin will show you what the event is, and the "More Info" link will take you directly to the entry below. There is a page dedicated to Past Events so you can see what you may have missed out on! Of course, as mentioned above, there is a submission form so you can submit your upcoming event. When an event is going on, there will be a visual indicator on the event entry.

We hope you like this addition to the site. If you have any suggestions for improvements to this new area, please let us know.

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