New Feature: Editable Add-Ons for Developers

December 2, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

Developers are now able to update their own add-ons on devot:ee, including everything from the tags, summary, and description–to links, images and more. Entry ownership is a huge step towards more complete and up-to-date content, and our first step towards selling add-ons.

Edit Box
Add-on developers are now able to update their own content on devot:ee through a new Stand Alone Edit Form that took us a few weeks to develop. The Edit form is nearly identical to the Add-on Submit form, but the fields are pre-populated with the entry's data and is just waiting to be revised, expanded upon, and improved. You're able to alter the tags, add a very complete description, update the summary, add links, add images, supply some roadmap info about porting to 2.0 - almost whatever you want. We recently enabled this editing feature for a small group of developers who helped us work out minor bugs. We believe it's now ready for everyone who wants to control their own content.

How to Edit Your Add-Ons

First of all, you have to be "hooked up", meaning your member account has to be associated with an entry in the Developer channel, which is, in turn, associated with all your add-ons. That part of the process is manual, and you'll need to request that we enable this relationship for you. If you are a registered member of devot:ee, and are also a developer with add-ons in the devot:ee library, just email us with your username and the developer entry to which you should be associated. Once this has been enabled, there are two ways to get to the Edit pages:
  1. If you are on an add-on page and are allowed to edit it, you'll see a yellow box at the upper left with an Edit link.
  2. If you click on "My Account" to visit your main account page, you'll see a list of Edit links for all your add-ons
Edit List
A sample URL for editing an add-on would be: Once you're on the Edit page, knock yourself out. If you're working on a full description, please heed the notes about encoding entities (especially if you're going to display blocks of sample code). There is a preview button (green checkmark) which will give you a "live" preview of your description, formatted with EE's XHTML typography. Remember that these page represent you and your work to the entire ExpressionEngine community, and if you're dealing with commercial add-ons, these are your customers and potential customers. Check your spelling. Check your grammar. Check your head. You're an ExpressionEngine developer for crying out loud…represent yourself well!

Why This is Most Excellent

Expanding the content-creator base by leaps and bounds means the content on devot:ee will be more relevant and useful than ever. But that's also just the start. There must be something in the air. Lately we have had quite a few requests and suggestions regarding setting up a marketplace at devot:ee for purchasing commercial ExpressionEngine add-ons. We've been tossing that idea around recently ourselves, but all the interest from various developers has gotten us motivated to make this happen. Allowing entry ownership is the first step towards creating this marketplace. We can't find much wrong with the following:
  1. Create an awesome commercial add-on for ExpressionEngine
  2. Make add-on page at devot:ee and upload your file(s)
  3. PROFIT.
Who could argue with that three-step process to EE Dev Superstardom? Obviously there's way more there from a development standpoint, but that would be our problem. We'll keep you posted about this more advanced application as we get into it. For now, please enjoy the new editing feature and the fact that the content on devot:ee just gets better and better!


Derek Hogue 12.05.09

I really do love this new feature for devs.  Until I find the time to overhaul my site, devot:ee is probably the most readily-accessed home for my add-ons, and being able to keep them up-to-date myself is excellent.

I’m curious to find out more about the commerce plan (especially the specifics of the payment process and percentages).  I’m toying with a new add-on right now with a commercial release in mind, and beginning to think about the logistics of digital sales.

Ryan Masuga 12.05.09

Ryan Masuga

Derek, we’re formulating our commerce plan right now. We want to make it as easy as possible for you, the developer, to get your commercial add-ons in front of the people who will need them.

We’ll make sure to keep you informed as the commerce project progresses.

Euan 12.07.09


It would be nice to see more screenshots of add-ons, particularly commercial.

In addition, on the left hand sidebar, it woudl be useful to have which version(s) of EE the add-on is compatible with, if it’s commercial, a price should be stated and I’d like to see a clear link to support for commercial add-ons (I appreciate that links are in the main section).

Ryan Masuga 12.07.09

Ryan Masuga

We started adding screenshots fairly recently, before adding the ability for developers to do it themselves.

We’re hoping that developers will find it in their best interest to include screenshots, especially if they’re trying to sell a commercial add-on.

We have some other improvements coming for the single-entry add-on pages, including version compatibility and prices for commercial add-ons.

Thanks for your feedback!

shotwell 12.09.09

Ryan, when are we going to see the EE-AddOn marketplace? Timeline? Best guesstimate?


Ryan Masuga 12.09.09

Ryan Masuga

Tyler: I don’t want to get drawn into one of those situations where I’ll have to eat my words. I’m tempted to not say anything at all! However, I feel confident we’re looking at that functionality for Q1 2010.

shotwell 12.09.09

Yeah, I know how that feels. Suggestions on setting up one’s own site for selling add ons then? Paypal? Any precautions to take note of?

Ryan Masuga 12.09.09

Ryan Masuga

Well, once we’ve executed and know that it’s working, we’ll let you know then. We have a lot of decisions to make yet to make the process as easy as possible for everyone.

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