New Email Notifications for Commercial Add-on Developers

June 14, 2010
by Ryan Masuga

Add-on developers who sell commercial add-ons at devot:ee now have the option to be alerted via email every time they make a sale.

Add-on sales at devot:ee have been a great success ever since we launched them. There's a significant to-do list to make the store better for both users and add-on developers. The most common request from developers so far has been to enable notifications when one of their add-ons is sold. We enabled that functionality today, via an option in your members area. Send Email Notifications There is a new field labeled "Send an email when my items are sold" which is set to "No" by default. Setting this to "Yes" allows us to send you an email when one of your items successfully makes its way into the Purchased Items channel. This way, you get an idea of how many are being purchased, and when. Just log in to and edit your profile info in your member account. Keep in mind that this field only shows up for members who are linked to a developer entry (i.e. can edit their own add-ons). If you are not already hooked up so that you can edit your own add-ons, email us with your username or screen name, and we'll take care of it. A sample developer notification email reads like this:
You've sold Awesome Add-On through June 13, 2010 12:33 am License Key: 43de3675-4dc0-5121-ac04-8900c35c07ad Purchased Price: 14.95 Customer Info Steve Jones 123 Street Town, NY 78945 Email: Phone: -
This new functionality is achieved through a custom extension coded for us by Rob Sanchez (Twitter: @_rsan) of Barrett Newton Interactive, the company behind CartThrob, which is the cart we're using to power the devot:ee store. Big thanks to Rob for taking the time to develop it for us.

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eMarketSouth 06.14.10


Awesome feature Ryan, been eagerly anticipating the add-on sale notifications :)

Keep up the great work!

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