New devot:ee Forums Launched

April 29, 2014
by Ryan Masuga

Today we launched forums on devot:ee for discussion of add-ons, add-on development, add-on feature requests, add-on developers and more.

Since we officially launched way back in 2009, we've always tried to fill in gaps in the ExpressionEngine world. There was no add-on catalog so we put one together. There was no add-on store or general marketplace, so we made it. We created a way for add-on developers to easily support their work right on devot:ee with the add-on support forums, which were never really forums so much as us bending the ExpressionEngine forum module over backwards to become something it wasn't really meant to be.

ExpressionEngine and EllisLab have always talked about how important and critical their community is, but we feel that community's voice has been mostly relegated to 140 sound-bytes on Twitter in the recent past. So, we decided to put together a place where ExpressionEngine users can talk again, particularly about add-ons and the ecosystem that surrounds the ExpressionEngine CMS.

Today we launched the devot:ee forums (again) at These are forums in the actual sense of the word: a place to discuss and announce various things. These are not the one-forum per add-on support forums we have had up until now (and will continue to have).

We decided to use solid, tested forum software, so we chose Vanilla Forums, rather than the native ExpressionEngine forum module. We've created a bridge between the main site and the forums so that if you're logged into devot:ee, you should be logged into the forums as well.

We're adding these forums for a few reasons:

  1. The official EllisLab forums have long since been past their prime, and have seen as much spam as actual posts for a while, too. Also, there are categories there that have little or nothing to do with ExpressionEngine (e.g., MojoMotor, CodeIgniter-specific categories, etc.) or third-party add-on related subjects. We're not interested in any of that other stuff, and neither are you.
  2. The ExpressionEngine Stack Exchange is geared more for posting specific, answerable help questions and support requests. We thought there should be a place for more general discussion about third-party add-ons and development. There are plenty of subjects that don't belong on EESE. We want a place to discuss add-ons, add-on development, add-on feature requests, and add-on developers. Toss in a few other categories for events, job postings, site launches, and devot:ee-specific feature requests, and we just might have something.

We hope these forums will be a place for you to go when the other existing options don't seem like the right fit.

"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late." - Reid Hoffman

We're launching these forums "before they're ready." We weren't going to wait around and shoot for perfection. There are style issues and there might be other snafus as well. We've mowed through most of the major issues and we're at the point where these forums are up and usable, right now. If you run into anything weird, just email us and we'll take care of it.

As with anything on devot:ee, suggestions are welcome. Let us know if we can do anything to make these forums more useful for you or the community at large.

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