New Additions to the Launch Giveaways

May 21, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

We’ve expanded the existing giveaways and added a number of new items to the mix.

Last night I revised the "Launch Giveaways":/launch-giveaways page with the newest additions. We've expanded and generally beefed up the giveaways with some great new prizes. There are now 24 prizes in all. If you haven't "registered with devot:ee":/members/register yet, what are you waiting for? I've heard it's a really useful site! Here are the additional items being offered: *One (1) Ticket to Attend EECI2009* The first European ExpressionEngine & CodeIgniter Conference takes place in Leiden, the Netherlands on October 22-23, 2009. "EECI2009": will feature speakers like Leevi Graham, Mike Boyink, Thomas Myer, Brandon Kelly, Ryan Irelan and many more. The full conference price is approximately 350 euros ($480 US dollars). We'll draw this one last, and keep drawing until we find someone that can make use of it. See the Launch Giveaway sidebar for more details on this prize. This prize was generously provided by Robert Eerhart and "Whoooz! Webmedia": *EngineHosting Packages* To the top three giveaways I've added an "EngineHosting S-2 Hosting Package": that's good for 12 months. This way, the top three winners not only get EE itself, but a top-notch place to host an EE site as well. There are also two EngineHosting S-2 packages available as single prizes. These packages have been provided courtesy of Nevin Lyne, CTO of "EngineHosting": *_Simply SQL_ from SitePoint Books* If you get into monkeying around creating EE add-ons, you are probably going to get dirty with some SQL. Stephen Hambo of "Hambo Development": is sponsoring 5 _Simply SQL_ books (hardcopy or PDF, winner's choice). The books are individual prizes, available to anyone who registers. Thanks to Nevin, Stephen, and Robert for sponsoring these great additions, and making the giveaways that much better. I'd love to try and win that EECI2009 ticket myself, but we all know I'm out of the running for any of these prizes!

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