Low Add-ons Now Available Exclusively Through devot:ee

August 27, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

Lodewijk Schutte (aka Low) is one of the top add-on developers for ExpressionEngine and he’s now selling exclusively through

Today we're excited to announce that Low is now selling all of his popular add-ons exlusively through Low is one of the top add-on developer for ExpressionEngine. His add-ons are top-shelf quality and his support is stellar. He'll be speaking about building EE add-ons at this year's ExpressionEngine Conference in Portland, Oregon.

You can read more about Low's move to devot:ee in his blog post, On the move.

Moving Your Licenses From GoToLow

We tried to make this as easy as possible for you: all licenses purchased on have already been transferred to devot:ee.

If we were able to find an email match between your and accounts, we transferred your licenses automatically to your devot:ee account, and you can view them on your Licenses tab. The notes field will contain the notes you had entered at GoToLow, as well as some information about the original purchase.

If we couldn't find an email match, just visit the Low Claim page, where you can enter the email address you used on We'll generate an email with a link in it for you to click. Once clicked, your licenses will be transferred to your account on devot:ee.

Not sure which camp you're in? Just visit the Low Claim page while logged in to see whether or not you need to supply us with the email you used on GoToLow.

If you're a GoToLow customer who is not familiar with devot:ee, we've been serving the ExpressionEngine community for over four years as an important resource for add-on information and sales. If you have any questions related to this announcement, please email us as

We look forward to helping take care of the sales of Low's add-ons, and we look forward to serving you.

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