Low Add-ons No Longer Sold on devot:ee

January 12, 2021
by Ryan Masuga

Low’s popular ExpressionEngine add-ons are no longer sold on devot:ee. This includes such popular add-ons as Low Search, Low Variables, and Low Reorder, among others.

It's an all time low in devot:ee's storied history. Today we say "a-Low-ha" and farewell to Low's add-ons. Since devot:ee started in 2009, Low's add-ons have consistently been some of the top-selling add-ons, receiving glowing reviews. It feels like a low blow, knowing those add-ons will never again be sold on this fine, long-standing, reputable website.

Today we changed ownership of all of Low's commercial add-ons to EEHarbor. The switch included these commercial gems:

  • Low Alphabet
  • Low Events
  • Low Reorder
  • Low Search
  • Low Search Calendar
  • Low Search Store
  • Low Variables

Very soon, you will likely not be able to re-download past purchases of those add-ons on devot:ee any longer. These add-ons will also likely not be updated on devot:ee any longer.

If you purchased any Low add-ons from devot:ee, you will have to send inquiries to EEHarbor for renewals, new licenses, etc.

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