Introducing Lists

April 16, 2013
by Ryan Masuga

Introducing a new feature called Lists.

We'd like to introduce our newest feature: Lists. Lists are an easy way to organize groups of add-ons for any reason. They have many potential uses:

  • Make lists for your clients so they can easily add commercial add-ons to a shopping cart with one click
  • Research add-ons and keep notes on them for an upcoming project
  • Make lists of your favorite must-install add-ons to share
  • Keep track of the add-ons you're installing on a project

Manage Your Lists

Lists are private by default, but you can set them to public so they can be shared. You can easily duplicate or remove lists as well. Write a description of the list as a whole and optionally keep notes on each individual add-on. You can access your lists in the bar at the top of the screen from any page on the site.

Add Items From Add-on Pages or the Quick Add Bar

If you need to whip together a quick list of familiar add-ons without going to every individual page to do so, you can use the Quick Add bar on the lists page to add numerous items to a list. Just start typing and hit return.

You can also add an item to a list from the left sidebar of any add-on page.

A Lists Giveaway

We haven't done a giveaway in a while so we thought it was time. We're giving away 3 licenses for Assets 2 from Pixel & Tonic to three different winners for putting together a public list that we find particularly useful. It doesn't matter how many items are on the list, or if they're all free or all commercial or any mix. To give you an example, I've created a list called "Masuga's Must Haves" that you can look at.

EDIT: You have until the end of April to make a Public list. We'll review lists in the first part of May and select three great lists. Those winners will each get a license for a copy of Assets.

We hope you find Lists useful. If you have suggestions for ways to improve them, or it you find some quirky behavior, email us at

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