Hello From devot:ee

October 24, 2008
by Ryan Masuga

We’ve had hundreds of people sign up to be notified about the upcoming launch of devot:ee, and many of you are chomping at the bit see what devot:ee has in store, so here’s some more detailed information that we just can’t pack into 140 characters.

Perfection is Not an Option

You're reading the first post at devot:ee. Thanks for your interest. And boy, is there interest. It really is amazing how many people are looking for information on EE - from beginners all the way up to experienced EE users. I decided to start with a News Blog so that there was some back and forth going on during development, rather than talking to everyone in one direction via our Twitter account (and you may want to follow us if you're not doing so already). Rather than waiting for the whole site to be "finished" before launch, we're putting things out there as we can so people aren't waiting around forever for something to happen. So, perfection is not an option, and we're building as we go while trying to do what we can for everyone while we build. Make sure to subscribe to our RSS feed (ATOM / RSS 2.0).

What will devot:ee be doing?

We've set the lofty goal of trying to do it all (more detail on that in future posts - it's late and I'm sure I could carry on). Why not? No one else is, so it might as well be us. We're not looking to be in competition with anyone, because there is no competition in this realm - we're looking to be the hub for ExpressionEngine information outside of the EE forums. We won't ignore sites like, (defunct! - ryan),, or (defunct! - ryan) - we'll make sure you're aware that those sites are out there. Like we just did. We have some cool things together already, such as the largest collection of ExpressionEngine add-ons in one place anywhere on the Interwebs. That includes almost three hundred Extensions, Modules, and Plugins. Did you know that many were out there? Neither did we. Compare that to the 142 in the Add-On Library at, and you can see we've done some homework. Not only that, but we've tagged these add-ons so you can easily find similar ones. Not only that, we have also…...well, as I said, it's late and I'll save some for a future post.

Who Are You?

Just so everyone knows who's driving this fast car, allow myself to introduce …myself. I'm Ryan Masuga, better known to many people who frequent the EE forums as mdesign. I own Masuga Design, and I've been an avid EE user for about two and a half years. Devot:ee is my pet project, and a site that I think simply needs to exist. Thanks again for your interest. If you have any questions or suggestions, you can email, or please feel free to leave comments here so other users can see them as well.


Chad Crowell 10.24.08

Ryan, nice kickoff- it’s been good to get to know you on Twitter and the forums.  I know this will be a fantastic resource because everything you do is tops.  Cheers and let me know if you need any help!

Michael Roper 10.24.08

Hey Ryan, really looking forward to the launch, the site sounds great!

Sean 10.24.08

Really looking forward to your site launch.

Nathan Pitman 10.24.08

I had been chatting with Andrew Weaver about a similar concept to devot:ee, so I can’t wait to see what you do. A single well maintained 3rd party directory of plugins, extensions and modules will be a great asset for the community. :)

Dan Oliver 10.24.08

I can’t wait to see how devot-ee progresses. I think the community is crying out for a website like this so I wish you the best of luck with it all. I love the sound of the plugin directory as well. I’m constantly stumbling across plugins that make my life so much easier that I didn’t know about, so it hopefully this will help bring a few more into the light.

Peter 10.24.08

Looking forward to more!

Jeff Mackey 10.24.08

Bring it!

Deron Sizemore 10.24.08

Wonderful! Can’t wait for more! You can never have enough EE information. ;)

Jean 10.24.08

Congratulations! And I am going to embroider a pillow with “Perfection is Not an Option”

e-man 10.24.08

Really looking forward to this, you’re doing a great job, Ryan!

Dan Lee 10.27.08

Ryan, thanks. I’m really looking forward to this website. After stumbling onto EE a few weeks ago I can’t tell you how eager I am to use all of the resources that could very well be available. I’ve followed your work in the past and I’m certain you’ve got the capacity to do great things with this project. Cheers.

Ben 10.28.08


Great idea.  I just posted about it in the forums. Send me a note when it’s done!


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