Engine Summit 3 Ticket Giveaway

May 31, 2011
by Ryan Masuga

We have one ticket to give away for Engine Summit 3, the online, live ExpressionEngine Conference taking place on June 7, 2011.

Like the summary says, we have a ticket to give away for the online Engine Summit 3 conference (More info at Eventbrite). All you have to do is purchase any add-on (or add-ons) between right now (May 31, 2011 4:05pm EST) and the end of the day tomorrow (June 1, 2011 EST) to be eligible to win. We'll pick the winner and make an announcement on June 2. Just note that multiple purchases don't increase your chance of winning. Simple as that! UPDATE: Jun 02 2011 - We selected the winner of the Engine Summit 3 ticket giveaway today. Congratulations to Sharif Ewees of 28media! (Twitter: @Sharif28)

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