EECI2009 Ticket Is Up For Grabs

July 17, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

The original winner failed to contact us, so a new drawing will be held.

The original "EECI2009": winner never got back with devot:ee to claim the prize, so it's time to pick a new winner for the EECI2009 ticket. There are hundreds of names to choose from, so the process could take a very long time. I'd like to speed things up by inviting those registered devot:ee members (before June 14, 2009 - you had to be eligible for the first drawing in order to be considered for this one) who _want to go_ and _can use the prize_ to email me at by the end of the day, Friday, July 24th (EST) letting me know you would like to be in the running to win the ticket. That's _plenty_ of time to email me, no matter what side of the world you live on. As a reminder, "EECI2009": takes place October 22-23, Leiden, Netherlands. *There are just a couple things to note about the email:* # The subject of the email should read "I want to win the EECI2009 ticket" # In the body of the email just put your devot:ee user id or your screen name, or your username. Doesn't matter which. If you want to be awesome, include all three. That's all there is to it. This should help narrow the pool of potential winners, and will speed up the winner selection process. This is a big prize, and one that involves travel, so I want to be fair to the winner who may need time to make travel plans (and get a passport, etc). Shortly after the 24th, I'll draw a winning name and hopefully that person will thoroughly enjoy their trip to the Netherlands in October!

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