Devot:ee’s Year End Roundup for 2011

December 31, 2011
by Ryan Masuga

Devot:ee had a solid 2011, thanks to you. An upgrade to EE2, lots of new add-on developers, a move to a new office, and a new hire. Lots happened, but we’re already looking forward to 2012.

Steady Growth

This last year blew 2010 out of the water in almost every way. We upgraded the site to ExpressionEngine 2, which has allowed us to do some cool things, and will really open the door for us to add some cool functionality in the coming year. By the end of 2011 we had more than doubled our membership, increased orders by six times, and increased items sold by five times. At the end of last year we were paying out to roughly 30 add-on developers every month, but now we average over 50 add-on developers selling per month. There are so many new people getting into ExpressionEngine (both users and developers) - it's a very exciting thing to see. This past year saw the move to a new office for us, which is almost four times the size of our previous space. We now have enough room for table tennis, and for any new hires that may come on board. In addition to our new space, we hired Benjamin Kohl as a full-time PHP programmer. Ben has already helped make devot:ee better, but didn't even get started until late August. He'll have a major impact in 2012. Some of you may have met him at EECI in New York City in October. Welcome aboard, Ben!

Thank You

The fact that there are now three people in the office says a lot about the niche we've filled. The three of us can very nearly spend all our time working on devot:ee. This is possible because of members like yourself using the site day in and day out, and purchasing add-ons through our store. Thanks to our advertisers. Many of you are long-time advertisers and we appreciate your business. Thanks to the add-on developers who use devot:ee as a sales channel. Those of you who use us as a sales channel and a way to offer add-on support to your customers, we thank you. Thanks to our host, EngineHosting. EngineHosting offers us great support and solid hosting. We hardly ever think about them during the year and when it comes to web hosts, that's a good thing. Thank you Nevin and team. Thanks to EllisLab for their help and support. A particular shout out to Derek Jones, who helped us directly when we migrated to EE2. Thanks to you for your feature requests. We have a big list (too big!) of things to do to help make your experience better. Thank you for taking the time to send them in.

Looking Forward to 2012

We have some awesome things planned for next year including the devot:ee add-on, and new functionality for both users and commercial developers. We think next year will be a great year for us, for you, and for ExpressionEngine - and can't wait to get started. Have a happy and safe New Year's and we'll see you in 2012.

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