Devot:ee’s “Official” 2009 Launch

April 30, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

As many of you have already discovered late last night, is “officially” launching May 1, 2009. ExpressionEngine add-on mania ensues.

Last night (_late_ last night, that is) I "released a page": with some info about devot:ee's "official" launch and details about the giveaways that will ensue. If you haven't heard that news (it's been all over Twitter, anyway) then consider this news item your official notification: *Devot:ee is launching Friday May 1, 2009*. Visit the "launch notification page": for more information. Today I'm working on some last minute (and big) design changes, but the main functionality (you know, the _important part?_) of the site is ready to go, so why wait any longer? I'll say right now that I don't know what time the revised and expanded site will be live tomorrow. I have a huge to-do list (in "OmniFocus": …it rocks) with a fair amount of things to do once I take the site offline (renaming EE template groups and checking for broken links, anyone?). I will send out an email to everyone who signed up for notification, so you don't have to wear out your Refresh buttons. And I just know that's how you were planning to spend your Friday. What's exciting for me about the launch is that the burden of getting the site out the door will be _gone_, so then I can spend time working on the backlog of content ideas I have, and in improving and tweaking the ever-expanding add-on library, and improving the site progressively based on your feedback and usage. I have hundreds of sign-up notifications to comb through where people took the time to indicate what they're interested in seeing, and I'll definitely take that into consideration. Keep in mind what you'll see in Friday isn't everything I've been working on. There are sections in development that I didn't think were critical for launch, so they'll be added as I go. Here's an example: Where do you think the biggest listing of CodeIgniter libraries, helpers, hooks, and plugins will live? I'd like to thank everyone for their patience, well wishes and all the nice things you've said about devot:ee so far, on Twitter, on your blogs, and elsewhere. I look forward to your feedback!


Jason Hudnutt 05.01.09

Looking forward to seeing this site launch! It has been the one that I have had the most interest in! 

Keep up the good work Ryan!

REMOVEDfloedbngkgh 05.01.09

It looks really great! And the info seems to be thorough (at first glance).


default 05.01.09

It is about bloody time someone created a central repository for EE bits.

Excellent work.

Geof Harries 05.03.09

All of the little details and touches really add up to a great experience, Ryan. Fantastic work.

Kel 05.04.09

Congrats Ryan! Looks great and many ee plugs/mods etc that I’d never knew existed. Thank you.

Liam 05.21.09


I’m liking it Ryan.

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