Devot:ee’s Launch Giveaways

May 18, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

Devot:ee’s launch giveaways are essentially squared away.

This is a quick reminder that to celebrate the "official" launch of the site, Devot:ee is still offering giveaways for registered members. There were a few unremarkable snags that involved ninjas and lawyers which more or less kept me from trumpeting the fact that you should go register if you're interested in winning a giveaway prize. Now that I've dispatched all of them, it's time to move forward. All of the following information is outlined on the official "launch giveaways page":/launch-giveaways/ but for quick reference, I'll restate the basics here: The only requirement for you to be able to win a launch giveaway is registration at devot:ee (* You must be a registered member of devot:ee by end of day June 14, 2009 (EST) to be considered eligible.* To register, visit the devot:ee registration page. Basic registration is free. The top three giveaways are reserved for those members who have registered at the “devot:ed” level. Once the winners of those three top giveaways have been selected, the remaining giveaways will be available to all registered members (both free and devot:ed). In other words, everyone who registers has a chance to win something. Winners will be chosen at random. Most likely we’ll go old-school by printing all members’ names and email addresses on slips of paper, and throwing them into an Energy-Dome hat and pulling them out one by one. If possible, we will film this and post video of the drawing online. The drawings will take place the first week of July 2009 and the winners will be notified ASAP. Only one giveaway will be allowed per person/registered member. If you have specific questions, please contact us.

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