Devot:ee Launch Giveaway Winners Chosen!

July 7, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

The 2009 Launch Giveaway winners were chosen yesterday and are being announced right here, right now. Complete with rare video footage.

The Devot:ee 2009 Launch Giveaway winners have been determined! The drawing was held on Monday, July 6, 2009 and we have 24 winners to announce. I thought I'd record the proceedings so you could also learn who the winners are that way (and see how they were chosen - no random number scripts up in here, no sir! Old school analog paper pickin' at its finest!), while I get more familiar with video and audio editing in Screenflow, GarageBand, and iMovie. I know your time is precious, so the video has been edited down to about 3:40 to keep things moving.

So, with that, you can either commence watching the short flick, or, if you just can't take it anymore, pop open the hidden area below to see who won!

Thanks to all of the sponsors, and congratulations to all of the winners. I will be emailing all of the winners soon. Thanks again to everyone who registered at devot:ee, and continues to show interest through your repeated visits and great suggestions.

Giveaway Video

Forget the Video, Show Me the Winners NOW

Can't spare three minutes? Then go ahead and reveal the 2009 Devot:ee Launch Giveaway winners »


jclewell 07.07.09


Damn! I never win anything.

Erwin Heiser 07.07.09


Chad Crowell 07.07.09

I think I almost noticed a hint of a smile or smirk in there somewhere…

Brian H Warren 07.07.09

That was funny. Congrats everyone!

SuperRob 07.07.09


So apparently I won a hosting plan.  Cool … I was just actually looking for new hosting for our church.  God works in mysterious ways.  :)

David Alexander 07.07.09

David Alexander

Ahh, and I really thought I could win… until I lost. Congrats all and thanks to Ryan and the sponsers.

Wayde Christie 07.07.09

Vid made me laugh :)

Congrats to the winners.

Shane Robinson 07.07.09

Shane Robinson

That was very funny and I know EXACTLY how you feel ‘cause that’s pretty much what I do when the camera light goes on…

Congrats to all the winners!

Todd D. 07.08.09

Todd D.

Congrats to the winners.

pab 07.08.09

Congrats to all the winners.

Andy Harris 07.08.09

Bah, the last thing I won was a Hulk Hogan “Real American” video back in 1990. It was rubbish too. Anyway, congrats to the winners. :)

BridgingUnit 07.08.09


Time to change my name then…. Nice trumpet solo there at the end Ryan :-)

Vishal Arora 07.08.09

Yay!  2nd prize!  This just made my day :)

Fr. Daniel Triant 07.08.09

Fr. Daniel Triant

Ryan,  did you know they make video editing software that let’s you edit out mistakes? :) 

Reallydoh, nice work on the video.  Congrats to everyone who won.

Wolferey 07.09.09

if he edited it out it wouldn’t be as funny as it was in the end.. congrats to all the winners, your all.. ehm.. winners!

Travis Gertz 07.09.09

Yeeeagggh! Grand prize!

Thanks everyone!

cbtrussell 07.10.09

SWEEEEEEEET!! 3rd Prize!! I needed a new license today, the timing couldn’t be better. Thanks Ryan!

Luke McReynolds 07.14.09

Hm, the video seems to be private?

Ryan Masuga 07.14.09

Ryan Masuga

Sorry about any problems with the video. It shouldn’t come up as private. I have it hosted at Vimeo with certain domain settings that allow it to play here. I have seen it come up listed as private too on a rare occasion, but a refresh usually takes care of it.

Zack Morgan 07.15.09

Zack Morgan

Wow, thanks – never won anything before (never tried)!

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