Devot:ee Featured in Latest ExpressionEngine Showcase Interview

August 13, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

EllisLab recently interviewed Ryan Masuga about devot:ee and the result is ExpressionEngine’s most recent Showcase Interview. Read about web development as an accidental occupation, my top five EE add-ons, and why you won’t learn about removing index.php from the URL at devot:ee.

EE Showcase Interview with devot:ee
I recently had the pleasure to complete an "interview": for "EllisLab's": ExpressionEngine Showcase. I got to talk a little bit about how I got thrown into web design and development, what my top add-ons are (all of which are installed on devot:ee), and what some of my goals are for devot:ee. Thanks to EllisLab for asking me to take part. I sincerely hope I can find the time this year to live up to and produce half of what I'm talking about!

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