devot:ee Advanced Add-on Filter

February 17, 2010
by Jacob Russell

We’re bringing you a whole new way to look at add-ons on devot:ee that allows you to filter based on a variety of qualifications.  The advanced add-on filter will make it easier to find add-ons no matter what you’re looking for, and we’re excited to hear what you think!

What is it?

We've gotten a lot of requests over time for things like a complete list of FieldFrame fieldtypes. or a list of ExpressionEngine 1.6.8 commercial add-ons. We try to answer those questions as best we can based on the data we have access to here at devot:ee. It's always been tough to figure out and there was no real tool to automate the process. More importantly, there was no way for users to answer those questions for themselves. The advanced add-on filter is the solution to that problem; it allows you to sort through add-ons based on any number of criteria you might have. You can choose to look for ExpressionEngine 1.6.8 modules that are compatible with FieldFrame and Multi-Site Manager, or you could look for something simple like commercial extensions, with over 300,000 theoretical filter combinations the sky is the limit. You'll also find that we're using it for most of the pages in the 'Add-ons' drop down menu at the top of the page, so you can apply filters from there as well. Really the best way to understand the advanced add-on filter is to go check it out.

Here's How it Could Be Better

We think the advanced add-on filter is great way to look at add-ons, but it's new to us just like it is to you, and we think it can be better. That's why we're looking to hear back from you about it as you're using it. We'd like to hear your thoughts on how the system works, if there's an interface change or a color tweak that would make it easier or better somehow. The other thing we'd like to hear is what other filters you'd like to see included. One cool thing about the system is that it can be extended with new filters whenever we need to, so if you'd really like to be able to sort by hottest add-ons or see all add-ons that use the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution license, let us know! We can't guarantee that every idea can be implemented, but we'll definitely try.


Laisvunas 02.19.10


It would be nice if the number of items found were displayed.

Jacob Russell 02.19.10

Jacob Russell

I agree, we’re working on that.  It’s a little complicated because of the way some of the back-end code works, so as soon as I figure that out counts will be added.

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