Comin’ Round the Mountain: The Devot:ee Update

March 30, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

OK, so we’re not launching devot:ee in March, but April is looking good and that’s no April Fools’ joke.

devot:ee teaserI'm such a tease.
So March 2009 came and went, and I'm still chugging along. Now I know exactly why EllisLab refuses to put a date on anything related to ExpressionEngine development milestones. The second you put a date on something, you put enormous pressure on yourself and inflate everyone's expectations. Not a cool way to go through the day, every day, for a month or more. March was rough on me for that reason. That said, this site is almost there. I'm so excited, I could practically befoul myself as I type this. Have a look at some visual tidbits in the teaser image. Like I've mentioned before: it won't look much like this temporary site that I've had up for too long now. Unit Interactive has done their part delivering the initial designs and templates. I'm working my existing (mostly) functional templates into the design, modifying things left and right (design, layout, functionality - you name it and I'm going over it with a fine-toothed comb), and doing my best to test things along the way. h3. Are You Interested in Helping Me? By the end of this week I'd like to invite about five people in to click around, check everything out, test, test some more, and _bug report_. So, I'm looking for a few good people who may want to take a look at devot:ee pre-launch, and could offer me valuable feedback and bug reporting from their browser of choice (or multiple browsers, if you're so inclined). Check the following points, and let me know: Is this you? # *Are you _genuinely_ interested?* Are you one of those people who have to download everything _just because_ but you don't really ever use it or take the time to...yeah, you know if that's you. I don't want those people. # *Do you actually have the time?* C'mon, if you don't have the time, let someone else do it. # *Are you willing to be sworn to secrecy*, on pain of total public humiliation at the hands of *one of web design's 10 Grumpiest Web Developers** through every channel available to him? Secrecy may involve an NDA. Hey, I like things official. # *Are you willing to exempt yourself* from consideration for any giveaways tied to the site launch? I can't possibly give you [CENSORED] if you've had an early look at the site! People will think there's favoritism going on. # *Do you accept the fact that I can refuse anyone*, for any reason, and that if you are invited to the BaseCamp project for devot:ee, you must refer to me as "Daddy"? If you can abide by the above and can put up with my sarcasm, please let me know by emailing so I can give you more details about what I'm looking for from you. If you have an extra second to let me know WHY you're interested in your email, that might help me pick people quicker. Shoot me an email anytime this week, and I'll get started letting some early birds in to help me hammer this home. I sincerely appreciate it. Thanks everyone! p(footnote). *That is not an official designation, but you can bet if it was, I might very well be in the top three.


Kenny Meyers 03.30.09


I don’t want to exempt myself from giveaways ever, but I’m glad to hear it’s coming along. I look forward to the site’s launch and hope to see it soon. I’m sure it’ll be awesome and the imagery looks beautiful, albeit mosaic.



Mark 03.30.09

Ryan: Count me in. I’d be happy to help w/ feedback.

Bernd Hofmann 03.31.09


i think this will get “my” everythingexpresionengine-site when it’s ready, so if you like i would test it as hard as i can to make sure that this statement gets true for as much ee-users as possible ;-)



Jason Hudnutt 03.31.09

Ryan, the site is looking great! I’d like to help anyway I can!

Alex 04.01.09

I’m sure this is going to be absolutely fantastic.  I will be looking forward to it.  It really seems like EE is thriving with more and more excellent extensions coming out, with people sharing their enthusiasm and knowledge on sites like this, and with 2.0 around the corner.

Arun S. 04.14.09

I’d help but there is no way I’m calling you “Daddy”.

This looks like it’ll be an interesting site.  I’ll keep an eye on it.

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