ATOM and RSS Feeds Now on FeedBurner

February 28, 2009
by Ryan Masuga

Trouble with finicky RSS feeds not updating in certain RSS readers led devot:ee to FeedBurner.

Devot:ee's RSS feeds are now burned with "Feedburner": I was having a tough time seeing any devot:ee updates in "NetNewsWire": (the latest article on "tweaking Solspace's Tag module": still never showed up for me in NNW until I grabbed the new FeedBurner feed), although they would show up OK in other readers, like right in "Safari's own built-in RSS reader":, or in "Google Reader": The inconsistency was frustrating, so I decided to use FeedBurner to see if that could help matters. Looks like the RSS is working better already. Plus, I can track subscribers, etc - all the little extras that come with having one's feed burned. There is currently one feed that retrieves articles and news items, and it comes in an "RSS 2.0 version":, and an "ATOM version":


James 03.02.09

FeedBurner is no doubt a great way of managing feeds. There is however an issue with EE and FeedBurner when Apache servers run PHP under FastCGI. This caused me some problems a while ago, which I still havn’t resolved. If problems persist you might want to check if Fast CGI is running. Apologies if that’s obvious or not relevant.

Ryan Masuga 03.02.09

Ryan Masuga

Thanks for the feedback – I appreciate the insight into the FastCGI issue. I’ll keep tabs on the feed, but I think everything is working OK now.

James 03.02.09

Great site by the way too, looking forward to seeing more.

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