After the Spotlight: More Questions for Eric Miller

March 24, 2010
by Jacob Russell

After reading Eric Miller’s Spotlight interview we realized there were more questions to ask.  There’s a lot going on with BMI, from the sheer number of add-ons to the custom built add-ons used only on that site.  So we’re going to be asking him more questions, and we’re giving you the opportunity to do the same.

What is it about BMI and Eric's work on it that you would like to know more about? Do you want to know what other add-ons he's using on the site? If there's any other custom built add-ons he hasn't talked about? Something specific about Pubtools, LeadGen, or Events? Give us your questions in the comments, and we'll pass the best questions on to him along with our own. Then in a couple of weeks we'll have a followup to learn more about BMI and all the EE goodness that's going on behind the scenes.

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