Add-on Support on devot:ee

September 23, 2010
by Jacob Russell

We know you need help, serious help… with add-ons that is.  We’ve got the solution.  Devot:ee is now providing support forums for every single add-on in our library.  That’s a lot of support.

Get some Support

Back in July, EllisLab announced that they will no longer allow 3rd party devs to host or provide support for 3rd party add-ons directly on the EE Forums, so we posted a poll asking whether devot:ee should offer forums as a venue for 3rd-party add-on support and discussion. The response was very positive, so today we introduce add-on support forums on devot:ee. Every single add-on on devot:ee now has its own support forum, where you can ask questions and offer help with issues, offer new feature ideas and talk about implementation. You can also post files and images to help illustrate an issue or offer a solution. The best part? While spam posts or other objectionable material might disappear, the support topics are here forever, so you'll always be able to find the answers you need. To get support for an add-on, just go to its listing and look for the support block in the right hand column. From that block you can visit recent topics or the full support forum for that add-on. You'll also see whether that add-on is supported by the developer here on devot:ee or just by the community, which is an important distinction.

Professional or Group Therapy?

Add-ons that are developer supported provide the most direct route for answers to your questions. If and add-on is marked as developer supported that means the dev has chosen to support their add-on here and will receive an email with every new support topic. You should be able to count on answers both from the developer and from the community, and new feature ideas are sure to be heard.

Even if an add-on isn't developer supported, however, you can still get help! While the developer may not see support topics here, your fellow community members still will. ExpressionEngine has a great community that has helped with support through the EE forums for years (don't miss the Archived Forums as well), and if that same spirit migrates here you'll be in great shape. You can also take a look at recent topics in general on the home page and for specific add-ons to see how you can help others.

Earn Your Degree Online!

As a developer, enabling and managing support for your add-ons is simple. Just go to your account page and look at the add-ons tab. As long as you're hooked up to your add-ons (and if you're not, you should be) you'll see a list of your add-ons with links to the support forums and the ability to enable and disable support on a case by case basis. You'll receive moderation abilities within your add-on support forums if you choose to officially support them, so managing topics and posts is easy. Want to see how it works? Head over to the Anti-Pink main page and take a look at the right sidebar, or jump directly to Anti-Pink Support, then go forth and support! Special thanks to Erik Raegan for helping us test and get this live!


ErikReagan 09.23.10


I know I’ve already said it but I’ll say it again.

This is going to fill a great void in the support of add-ons for devs who may not be doing this full time. It helps keep official 3rd party support off of EE’s forums (like file hosting) and also makes the connection between developers and users much stronger.

Thanks for putting the hard work in to making this happen!

Lee 09.23.10


Well bloody done!

Chad Crowell 09.23.10

Chad Crowell

Rock AND roll fellas, rock AND roll.

Travis Smith 09.23.10

Travis Smith

I still think it’s extremely odd of EllisLab to push their developers out to arms’ length like they did; thank you for stepping up and offering this!

Kelly Sims 09.23.10

Kelly Sims

This is fantastic. Great work!

Leevi J Graham 09.23.10

Leevi J Graham

Firstly congrats on the launch. It’s great that developers who can not or do not provide their own support for addons now have a new home to do so.

That said IMO there are some issues with the current wording of the support banners on each addon page.

“No Developer Support” is just not true for some of the addons in the site. I understand that it refers to developer support in the forum in particular but it can and most likely will be misinterpereted.

I know of atleast three developers on the site that have their own support mechanisms exclusive to Devot:ee.

The ““Get Satisfaction or else”:” article on SVN raises similar issues and contains a lot of discussion that relates to the new forums. (Note: Devot:ee doesn’t have a “customer-company pact” which is a very very good thing).

What I would like to see:

  1. Rewording of “No developer support” to something like “Peer support” and make it clear that the developer is not obliged to answer support requests
  2. A custom field where developers can link to their own support sites prominently displayed near the forum link also displayed on the forum pages.
  1. Possibly an opt-in for the forums

For developers with one or two addons who don’t have their own support framework the forums Devot:ee forums are an excellent choice.

Jacob Russell 09.23.10

Jacob Russell

We agree with the phrasing Leevi, that should change tomorrow to something that can’t be misleading.  There was definitely no intent to imply that developers not supporting add-ons here aren’t supporting them at all.

We’re also talking about the best way to include a link to outside support if someone uses Get Satisfaction (my sympathy if you do), another support service or their own web site.  If there’s developer support available somewhere we definitely want people to be able to find it.

Leevi J Graham 09.23.10

Leevi J Graham

@Jacob: See that’s why developers love Devot:ee. Thanks for the quick response. :D

Erwin Heiser 09.23.10

Erwin Heiser

Simply kick-ass, guys.

Will sadly also mean the EE-forums will be even less busy than before the Great Pruning.

Ryan Masuga 09.23.10

Ryan Masuga

Thanks for the feedback so far. We’re real excited about what this new area of the site means for sharing and finding information about EE add-ons.

We’ll take care of the “NO support” wording. We didn’t intend to mislead anyone. That said, should we offer developers a separate support URL for each addon, or one global support URL? Maybe both? You add a global support link in your member profile, but if you want to direct people to a more specific page for an add-on, you add that to a field in the add-on entry itself, which would override the global URL? We’re open to suggestions here.

We’ll also see how this goes as far as how it’s used to determine any tweaks or updates we’ll need to make it as useful as possible.

Travis Smith 09.23.10

Travis Smith

I think the support link should be on a per-add-on basis, and that a global URL wouldn’t be as helpful.

Leevi J Graham 09.23.10

Leevi J Graham

@Ryan: ALready said it but nice work addressing the raised issues quickly.

My vote would be global in the member profile and per addon on the addon pages. If the developer only has one support form they can just enter the same url for each addon.

CreateSean 09.23.10



Laisvunas 09.24.10


Huge thanks!

New forums will surely revive interesting discussions about third party add-ons.

Jacob Russell 09.24.10

Jacob Russell

Verbiage changed, no more implication that developers aren’t offering support anywhere!

We’re also on the way to allowing you to add links to official support if it’s located elsewhere.

mjd-s 10.04.10


Yay! Good work.

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