2011 devot:ee AcademEE Awards

December 7, 2011
by Jacob Russell

The yearly ExpressionEngine Add-on award show is back, come show love to your favorite add-ons and developers!

Welcome to the 2011 edition of the devot:ee AcademEE Awards! We've got a great set of new add-ons for you and the developers who built them all waiting on your votes. Go ahead and take a look and let us know what you think the 'best of the best' add-ons are this year. We're also looking for your ideas on how we can change things up next year. The current format of categorizing add-ons by their type (Module, Extension, etc.) doesn't apply nearly as well in the current world of EE Add-ons. Most add-ons fall into multiple categories, and the type is much less relevant than it was even a year ago. Next year we'll be switching to a new format and categorizing add-ons in a whole new way, so be sure to give your opinion in the last question of the survey.

Voting is now closed, thanks for casting your vote and supporting ExpressionEngine Add-on Developers!


Curtis Blackwell 12.08.11

It’s possible that a user has never used any of the add-ons or had any experience with one of the devs in the awards.

There should be an N/A option for each category when voting.

BoldMinded 12.08.11

Agree, leave the first option blank

ExpressionEngine Zoo 12.08.11

ExpressionEngine Zoo

If we win something, drinks are on us! :)

Andy Marshall 12.08.11

haha - I voted for Zoo Visitor before I saw the comments :)

mithra62 12.08.11

If I win, drinks are on Zoo! No, wait, that’s not right…

Jim Pannell 12.08.11

Powered by Google Docs? Really? Would have thought that EE could have done that…

Ryan Masuga 12.11.11

Ryan Masuga

Jim - Google Docs was not our first choice, but a couple things led to that decision. One, our shop was extremely busy in November, so we didn’t have time to prep for these awards like we should have. For that, I apologize to everyone.

Two, after our move to EE2 earlier this year, we never re-installed any Poll add-on, in part because we couldn’t make up our minds which we wanted to go with.

If I could do these over again, we would do it like we’re planning to do it next year: taking nominations, changing categories to be based on what add-ons do and not what they are (which will allow add-ons to belong to multiple categories), and we may scrap the apparently confusing restriction that add-ons had to be released in the past year to even be on the list.

PutYourLightsOn 12.12.11


Very excited to have two of my add-ons nominated! Just curious as to if and how you’re avoiding duplicate votes in order to prevent something like this from happening

Jacob Russell 12.12.11

Jacob Russell

Well we don’t think we’re as important, and therefore as subject to large-scale vote stuffing as Time.  For another, there’s no real prizes this year, just the recognition of winning, and we trust the community.  Finally, I’m keeping an eye on the votes and if any patterns of abuse show up it will be accounted for when we announce the winners.

Bottom line with this years awards are that we’ve been very, very short on time so we haven’t been able to go out of our way to do something awesome.  We do have plans in place to do things bigger, better, and more awesome next year, however.

Jim Pannell 12.12.11

Totally understand Ryan. Hey - it works fine - was just curious as to why you opted for that. It certainly wasn’t meant as a criticism.

Curtis Blackwell 12.12.11

@putyourlightson for the most part, it seems that trust in the #eecms community is warranted. ppl tend to call each other out on the unethical practices.

who’s gonna care about who wins more than the nominees? the better-known in any community tend to be subject to more criticism and therefore less likely to mess with things (there’s a bit of a leap thereā€¦).

PutYourLightsOn 12.12.11


agreed, if it’s the EE community we’re talking about then I have a lot of faith. sounds good for more awesomeness next year!

kellypacker 12.13.11

While I too love Rob Sanchez, what about love for the other Barrett Newtons?

Jacob Russell 12.13.11

Jacob Russell

Due to previous request, we only put in EITHER Rob or BN in a given year.  This year Rob had some add-ons under his own name, so he’s the one who’s on the list.  BN wanted to make sure splitting votes wasn’t hurting Rob’s chances of getting recognition.

Hambo 12.18.11


Where is CE Cache? If it’s in next year then it’s already won for 2012.

Ryan Masuga 12.18.11

Ryan Masuga

I think CE Cache was released a little late to make it in this year. I agree with you though:  it’s incredible and very easy to use. Aaron has already made nice updates, too.

mithra62 12.18.11

Hambo: Challenge Accepted :)

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