2011 AcademEE Awards Announced

December 20, 2011
by Jacob Russell

Our 4th annual AcademEE Awards have wrapped up - we have the results and the deserving winners!

2011 has been another great year for add-ons in the ExpressionEngine community, as developers around the world continue to write great code for the benefit of all of us. We're happy to see a mix of add-ons by established developers and a lot of 'new blood' creating awesome add-ons. Congratulations to all the winners and, as always, Thank You to all the add-on developers out there who support the community and make what we do possible! We also got some great feedback on potential categories for our revamped awards next year, we're excited to see what form the awards take as things continue to evolve in the future. That's a story for next year though, for now go check out the winners -

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