Modify any of the POST data for a stand alone entry insert

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Auto Expire

Auto Expire adds the ability to any weblog to automatically expire new entries. It adds a predefined amount of time to the entry date. If an expiration date has already been set, that date will be used as the expiration date.

DC Required Category

Makes categories required for selected weblogs.


Deviant allows you to control, globally or on a per-channel basis, where authors land after publishing, updating or deleting entries in the EE control panel. An essential extension for every EE install.

Entry REEdirect

Entry REEdirect is now called Deviant -- please visit Deviant's page on Devot:ee to download.

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Jb Require Expiry

Every entry in expression engine has a start date. It’s something you can rely on. By default it’s set to the time that the entry was created, but you can change it whenever you please. Entries can also have expiry dates, but by default this is left blank (after all most of the time we don’t want entries to expire).

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Membrr Subscription Billing

Membrr for ExpressionEngine brings the power of subscription billing and memberships to your website. Create subscription plans, manage your billing, accept payments via multiple payment gateways, and earn recurring revenue with Membrr.

SAEF Mail Confirmation

Emails confirmation after SAEF submission

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Single Sticky

Enforce the presence of only 1 sticky per weblog. Great for when you need a featured entry and you don't want to 'unsticky' the old one first.