Access template data prior to template parsing

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A module for ExpressionEngine 2 that creates static HTML files from parsed templates.

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CE Cache

CE Cache allows you to store and retrieve parts of your templates (fragment caching via file-based caching, database, APC, Redis, Memcache or Memcached) or full-page static caching. Since much of the heavy lifting doesn't have to be run on every page-load, your performance increases can be astonishing. With fragment caching, you can also escape any parts of your cached code, so they remain dynamic (like logged_in conditionals for example). This enables you to enjoy the speed increases without sacrificing usability or functionality where you need it.


A lightweight extension to make common segment and helper variables (such as segment_x_category_id) available globally.

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JB Reverse Segments

Sometimes you don't care how many segments are in the url, you just care about two or three of them at the end. JB Reverse Segments allows you to easily access those by reversing the order in which you access them (counting from right to left).

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Low Seg2Cat

Low Seg2Cat loops through the segments of the current URI, matches them against categories, and registers the matching categories as global variables, which you can use in your templates.

Low Variables

Low Variables lets you manage Global Variables and Snippets in one place. It comes with a plethora of useful features like saving variables as files; labeling, grouping and sorting variables; hiding variables from content editors; and best of all: variable types.

Mo’ Variables

Add more early-parsed, global variables to your EE installation. Compatible with both EE2 and EE3.


Supercharged templating for ExpressionEngine.

Stash (enterprise edition)

Supercharged templating for ExpressionEngine. Now with professional support.

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This extension is designed for staged deployments with PHP in some templates. Its goal is to keep you from interacting with the template manager to enable PHP parsing for particular templates.

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WM Cache

WM Cache introduces fragment and static file caching for ExpressionEngine 3.

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