Allows you to use your own foreign character conversion array

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CM Strange URL Interpreter

This extension gives ability to convert foreign-language characters in entry’s URL Title to proper characters.

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Greek-to-Latin URL Title

A small extension that converts Greek letters to Latin in the URL Title as you type Greek in the entry title field.

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Japanese kana typing

A small extension that writes in romaji (roman letters) in the URL title as you type Japanese kana (hiragana and katakana) or zenkaku (full width) characters in the entry title field.

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RTL URL title fix

RTL URL title fix is a small extension that simulates the Pronouncing for RTL Languages into English characters when you type RTL Languages text into Entry title field.

URL Title Chars

This extension allows you to automatically convert non-latin characters in entry’s URL title according to a predefined set of conversion rules.

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