Additional processing after entry submission, after all processing, prior to redirect.

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Category Mirror

Ever need to apply an entries categories to other entries? Category Mirror. It's an ExpressionEngine 2.x extension that will take a parent entry's categories, and assign them to a set of children entries.

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This add-on will automatically send files (of selected types and in selected upload locations) that you upload in ExpressionEngine to Crocodoc.com.

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CUHO Welcome Page

Create and configure you custom "Welcome page" and show it to your site visitors. Easy setup, intelligent management, totally free and open source.

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Edit Alarm

Edit Alarm v1.2 for EE2.x. Similar to Edit Alert for EE1.x - This extension alerts authors when another author is editing a resource they are accessing.

Entry access

This add-on enables you to restrict front-end access to certain channel entries for certain members or member group

Entry Auth Dir

Creates directories and uses HTTP authentication to password protect them. The data used to create these directories comes from entries in a configured channel with appropriate fields. If the submitted password field is empty, the entension generates a random password based on settings.

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Entry Directories

Within selected channels, creates a directory for each entry based on a field value inside a parent directory.

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Entry ID in URL Title

An addon for ExpressionEngine that inserts the publishing ID into the URL title ensuring there are no duplicates.

Hop Pushee

Say it with browser notifications! (No, they aren't as sexy as roses, but they may be more effective.) PushEE is perfect for publishers, stores, service providers (and anyone else with an announcement to make) who want to nudge select website visitors with breaking news or a special offer.

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Live View

Live view adds one or more iframes to the view entry screen so you can easily display templates that use the submitted channel data on different screen sizes. Optionally you can include a qr-code to quickly test on mobile devices.

Lock Entry

Ever changed one entry or template at the same time with another editor? No worries, this Lock Entry add-on will help you! It will lock an entry or template as soon as an editor starts editing this item, and every other editor will be warned about the item lock. Never overwrite each others entries or templates again!

Social Login PRO

Social Login PRO brings integration of ExpressionEngine sites with popular social networks to a new level!

Structure URL Alias

Structure URL Alias is a module that will create one or more aliases of your Structure Page or Listings. This may handy in times when you need two or more url`s pointing to the same Page.

VL CP Logger

This extension just logs more stuff to control panel log (Tools > Logs > Control Panel Log).

VL Entry URL

Have your clients ever asked you how to get the full URL to an entry? This add-on displays the full entry URL on the publish entry screen. Create patterns for each channel so that you have quick access to the entry url while you are publishing.

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VL File Generator

Need to load dynamic CSS or JSON faster? Let VL File Generator store your dynamic templates as flat files for quicker load.

Wyvern Video

Wyvern Video is no longer for sale. It has been upgraded for EE 6 and renamed to Reel. You can get it at boldminded.com.