After emails are sent, do some additional processing

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Email Template

Simply wrap your default emails in a html template to match you style and taste.

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MyEmma Integration

The MyEmma Integration for EE Contact Form extension integrates your ExpressionEngine contact form with MyEmma. Users contacting you through your contact form are added to your mailing list at MyEmma.

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Use embeds, conditionals and EE tags in your email templates, just like any other page. Supports Email Notification Templates.


Add new subscribers to multiple Campaign Monitor and/or MailChimp subscriber lists directly from CartThrob, Contact Forms, Channel Form, Comments, FormGrab, Member Registration (including Zeal Smart Members), Solspace Freeform, Solspace Freeform Next, or Solspace User. You can either add everyone who submits a form, or conditionally add subscribers based on a checkbox or any other field.

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