Allows you add javascript to every Control Panel page.

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BN Edit Menu

Displays your channels in the Content > Edit menu.

BN Short Names

Displays the short names of your custom fields on the publish/edit page.

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BU Brandy

Add a logo to sidebar/footer in your EE install. And additional HTML/CSS too. Color code your MSM sites.

Cancel Button

This add-on was created by developer am-impact and handed over to Low. It is available as is, but no longer under development. Adds a cancel button next to the submit button in the Entry form. Click Cancel to go back to the previous page.

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CE Longer Titles

CE Longer Titles (discontinued) was an ExpressionEngine extension that allows you to change the max number of characters allowed in your titles and URL titles.

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Channel Ratings

Channel Ratings provides extremely accurate ability to rate and review ExpressionEngine entries. Now you can rate an entry on multiple levels and provide these detailed ratings or overall rating back per review. Channel Ratings finally bring full scale review, ratings, and like (helpful) functionality to ExpressionEngine 2.1+.

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Control Panel Menu Shortcuts

An Expression Engine Extension. CP Shortcuts will list all your custom main menu buttons (added with the +Add button) under one main menu button, reducing main menu clutter. Especially useful if you have or want many main menu buttons.


This extension for ExpressionEngine 2 allows you to add custom CSS and Javascript to the Control Panel pages.

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This extension adds the Ctrl+S shortcut to every Control Panel Page. Hitting the Ctrl+S key combo does exactly what most applications do - saves! In this case is actually hits the update/save button - saving you time.


Control panel dashboard framework for CP users and developers.

Digi Nut Control Panel CSS & JS

Customize the ExpressionEngine control panel by adding your own CSS and JavaScript. Based on Pixel & Tonic's "CP CSS & JS" extension for ExpressionEngine 2

Direct Logout

This extension bypasses the "Are you sure you want to logout?" prompt inside of the EE Control Panel when you try to logout.

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Disable Template Editor

Makes the ExpressionEngine template editor read-only for templates under source control.

Easy PW Change

Make password changes easy for users with limited Control Panel access.

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Edit Comments Link

This extension displays above edit entry form the link pointing to edit comments form. Just click it to reach entry's comments! This link will be seen by users having the right to moderate comments.

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Entry Trash

Entry Trash is a Extension that will move an entry upon deletetion to the trash, with all their associated data. From here you can view the entries and you can restore or delete the entries entirely from the database. By using the Entry Trash, you will never lose your entry data entirely or accidentally by deleting.

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Google 2FA Authentication

Google Authenticator , an extra layer of security that is known as "multi factor authentication". The plugin for EE gives you two-factor authentication using the Google Authenticator mobile app for Android/iPhone/Blackberry.

Grid Insert Row

An extension that adds an Insert New Row link under the move row icon, just click on the + (plus) sign. When you click it a new row will be inserted into the grid above the row you just clicked on. This is very useful when dealing with long grids.

Grid Scroll Row

Adds an icon under the move row icon that scrolls the grid all the way to right and another icon under the delete row icon that scrolls the table all the way to the left. These icons are added to every grid row.

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Inject arbitrary Javascript into the ExpressionEngine control panel

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Lock Entry

Ever changed one entry or template at the same time with another editor? No worries, this Lock Entry add-on will help you! It will lock an entry or template as soon as an editor starts editing this item, and every other editor will be warned about the item lock. Never overwrite each others entries or templates again!

Login Backup

Login Backup has been discontinued. The Login Backup module is a module where you can make full backups of your EE installation. The backups can be started manually as via a CRON job. Beside that there is also a function that will trigger the backup on login. It is FTP ready and in the future it will support other cloud servers as well.

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Login Backup Developer

Login Backup Developer has been discontinued. The Login Backup module is a module where you can make full backups of your EE installation. The backups can be started manually as via a CRON job. Beside that there is also a function that will trigger the backup on login. It is FTP ready and in the future it will support other cloud servers as well.

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Matrix Presets

Adds the ability to save and load matrix values within Matrix field. Useful for duplicating or pre-populating Matrix content.

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MD Character Count

Show character counts below textareas and text inputs in the control panel. DISCONTINUED.

Missing Link

Missing Link makes it possible to access all of EE2's major content and site management features from the front-end of your site. Edit entries, publish new content and more.

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MX CP Notice

Addon was moved to the official ExpressionEngine store

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mySTAT: Site Visitor Statistics

mySTAT is a comprehensive set of tools necessary for collecting and classifying data from all areas. The product is a multi-platform one, so it can be installed onto both existing popular types of CMS and onto any other third-party developed sites. If you have your own web-site, you should definitely have it in your arsenal for running a successful business, blog or any other Internet project.

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Pillster turns the ExpressionEngine status dropdown into radio buttons for a more friendly user experience.

Publish Bar

Streamlines publishing by adding a subtle overlay bar at the bottom of the ExpressionEngine entry editing screen, freeing you from having to scroll to the top of the page to save your changes.


QuickSave modifies EE2's standard entry saving behavior, returning you to the edit entry page instead of displaying the preview page. The extension also lets you add a 'Publish and Close' button and/or a 'Publish and Preview' button alongside the standard entry submit button. Structure users can choose to return to the Structure homepage when 'Save and Close' buttons are used.

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RD SVG Icons

Tired of massive amounts of SVG code in your templates? So were we. With the ability to view your SVGs in the control panel, and implement them with a convenient one-click copy, implementing SVGs into your ExpressionEngine template has just gotten a whole lot easier (and cleaner).

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Republic Analytics

Tap into your Google Analytics account and display the charts and the stats right in the Control Panel.

Republic Structure Tweaks

A few tweaks that we think makes the already great Structure add-on even better, without messing with it.

Show Me My Assets!

Makes Assets your default file browser, auto-expands subfolders.

Smart SEO

A Smart SEO module is created to solve the issues of the common SEO tasks of EE. With its help, the user can add unlimited SEO fields according to the requirements. This plugin helps to bind SEO data in the channel entry and category, edit the robot.txt file, and fetch the data of its previous version. The user can use the customized SEO data which is called FLY SEO. The social media connectivity for this plugin is very easy. This plugin gives the benefits of Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager without having to worry about writing codes for them. Redirect settings have never been easier. The user can also link SEO data with custom fields of categories and channels. Simple tag code allows the user to set SEO data dynamically.

Structure Search

I wrote this because certain sites have so many pages, some even with the same names, it's hard to keep track of where they are in Structure. Enabling the extension will add a search bar to the top-left area of the Structure tree view. This filters Structure entries as you type.

Structure URL Alias

Structure URL Alias is a module that will create one or more aliases of your Structure Page or Listings. This may handy in times when you need two or more url`s pointing to the same Page.

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Veto is more than just a responsive control panel theme - you can add your own complete base theme and/or add to the default Veto theme. You can add your own custom logo, and as a bonus you can use cmd+S/ctrl+S to save entries, settings, categories etc. Every part of the CP in both EE3 and EE4 has been painstakingly analysed and tweaked.


Clone ExpressionEngine entries right from the Control Panel!

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Zoo Flexible Admin

Make it easier for you and your clients to use the EE control panel. Zoo Flexible Admin lets you fully customize the control panel menu per membergroup. Insert custom links, rename, re-order and remove menu items in order to create a more intuitive menu. New features: Breadcrumbs based on the custom created menu Set Control panel startpage per membergroup Auto-collapse sidebar per membergroup

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Zoo Triggers

No more fiddling around and wasting time trying to get categories and archives to play nice with your Structure setup. Zoo Triggers is the add-on that fills the gap between Structure and 'categories and archives'. Within seconds you have 'category and archive' functionality on your base Structure install.

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Zoo Visitor

Note: the EE3 version of this add-on is now called "Visitor" and is available here: https://eeharbor.com/visitor Total Member freedom, from forms to fields! Zoo Visitor gives you total control over your site members, allowing you to use any fieldtype to define their profile. The days of struggling with member registration, profile updates are over! Visitor comes with registration, update profile, logout, forgot password and login forms. An AJAX login form example is also included. It will be as pleasant as a visit to the Zoo.

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