Take the final result from an entry’s parsing and do what you will.

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3Easy Last Editor

EE2 Extension Adds Channel Entries Last Editor

Absolute Total Results

Adds an {absolute_total_results} tag to entries tag, for use with pagination.

Channel Variables

The Channel Variables Extension allow you to run Snippets, Global Variables and user defined Global Variables from within channel entries.

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Crosslinking extension can automatically turn the text into links using a pre-defined set of rules. It works both for channel entries and forum threads.

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EZ Link Icons

EZ Link Icons adds icons to your website's file and external links using our default icon set or any icon of your choosing quickly and easily.

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Gooee allows you to bind your entries together with a snippet of text. The text can be anything your heart desires; an image, some HTML, text, etc. This is useful if you want to display something BETWEEN your entries, but not after the last entry in the loop.

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Shortcode aims to allow for more dynamic use of content by authors and editors, allowing for injection of reusable bits of content or even whole pieces of functionality into any field in EE. Shortcode provides two types of codes for use in any content in EE: user-defined Macros specific to each author and each site, as well as a simple API for third-party plugins and modules to expose their tags through the shortcode Rich Text Editor dialog (or manual entry in any type of field) - complete with automatically rendered options forms.

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Allows access to regular parent entry fields within {related_entries} and {reverse_related_entries} tags.

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Wyvern is built to provide the best content entry workflow possible. It integrates seamlessly with popular modules like Structure, Pages, Taxonomy[EE2], and NavEE[EE2], and is the only editor to support ExpressionEngine's native File Manager.

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