Modify the tagdata for the channel entries before anything else is parsed

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Edit Here

Similar to Editor for EE1.x. This extension adds a little 'one click away' edit link or image next to your channel entries your website.

Entry access

This add-on enables you to restrict front-end access to certain channel entries for certain members or member group

Google Maps for ExpressionEngine

Google Maps for ExpressionEngine enables users to easily harness the power of the Google Maps API without spending a lot of time or money on the task. Getting the user experience and technical integration inline with your needs (or the client's) in the allotted time is very difficult. For less than a single hour of billable time, you and your clients can start working with Google Maps and gain an infinite amount possibilities.

Lasting Impressions Pro

This module records each channel entry viewed by each visitor to your site. You can then re-display a visitor's channel entries to them as a list of recently viewed "pages". Ideal for ecommerce sites to show a "recently viewed products" list, or anywhere you'd like visitors to see what pages they have viewed.

Multi Language Support

ExpressionEngine 2.x native language support offers only backend support. Multi Language Support extension brings frontend multi-lingual support to ExpressionEngine 2.x.


EE packs a powerful mechanism for relating entries to one another. But when the built-in implementation shows its seams, Playa takes it to the next level.

Popular - The Advanced View Counter for ExpressionEngine

Popular tracks views of your single entry pages an records useful information that can be used for analytics and for outputting trending or most viewed articles in your templates. Popular can tell your users what the most popular entries trending today on Mobile, or what was most viewed last month in Seattle.


Proxy is an EE2.0 Module used to substitue template tags with placeholder data, in order to more efficiently and effectively test your templates. Before Proxy, I was creating a plethora of test entires to test various types of content that could be used in a Channel Field. The process of creating all these dummy entries was time consuming, confusing, and led to me not testing as rigarously as I should have been. Proxy was created to speed up the testing of templates, by allowing the developer to quicky swap in placeholder tag data when the template renders.

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Relationship var

This small extension add some usefull tags to your Channel Entries loop for the Relationship field.

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Sift gives you amazing search and filter powers on your matrix fields. Filter data down rows and only display those that match, simple.

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