Modify the entry data for the channel entries before anything else is parsed

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Better Workflow

With in-line previews, draft versions and a real approval process, Better Workflow is a 'must have' add-on for anyone who takes their content seriously.

BW Category Count

BW Category Count is an ExpressionEngine 2.x add-on that adds a {category_count} variable to the {exp:channel:entries} loop. Which show the number of categories assigned to the current entry.


Proxy is an EE2.0 Module used to substitue template tags with placeholder data, in order to more efficiently and effectively test your templates. Before Proxy, I was creating a plethora of test entires to test various types of content that could be used in a Channel Field. The process of creating all these dummy entries was time consuming, confusing, and led to me not testing as rigarously as I should have been. Proxy was created to speed up the testing of templates, by allowing the developer to quicky swap in placeholder tag data when the template renders.

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Shortlist is a quick and painless way to allow site visitors to create lists of items on the fly. Shorlist lets you add anything to a list. User's don't even need to have accounts with your site to create, keep and share their list.


Sift gives you amazing search and filter powers on your matrix fields. Filter data down rows and only display those that match, simple.

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